CS 6382.001.19S (Spring'2019) Theory of Computation
1:00-2:15pm TuTh, ECSN 2.112

This course consists of five parts:

Theory of Deterministric Computation
Theory of Nondeterministic Computation
Theory of Parallel Computation
Theory of Probabilistic Computation
Theory of Approximate Computation

Contact Information of Professor

Office Hours: Thuesday 4:00 - 5:00PM
in Room ECSS 3-611.
homepage: http://www.utdallas.edu/~dxd056000

Teaching Assistants:

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Shuyang Gu

Office Hours: 10:00am-12:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday
in ECSS 2.103B1
Email: [email protected]

Reference Books

Ding-Zhu Du and Ker-I Ko:
Theory of Computational Complexity (2nd ed.)
ISBN-13: 978-1118306086
Published: June 2014


(* means 'sketch')

Unit I (Theory of Deterministic Computation)
Lecture 1-1 Turing Machine (Sec. 1.1-2)
Lecture 1-2 Time and Space of DTM (Sec.1.2)
Lecture 1-3 Undecibality (Sec. 1.5-6)
* Lecture 1-4 Recursive Function
Lecture 1-5 Hierarchy Theorem

Unit II (Theory of Nondeterministic Computation}
Lecture 2-1 Time and Space of NTM (Sec.1.3-4)
Lecture 2-2 NP class (Sec. 2.1)
Lecture 2-3 Cook Theorem (Sec. 2.2)
Lecture 2-4 Proof of NP-hardness (Sec. 2.3-4)
Read Me Logic Puzzle
Lecture 2-5 Polynomial-time Hierachy (Sec. 3.1-2)
Lecture 2-6 Complete Problem in HP (Sec. 3.3)
* Lecture 2-7 Characterization of PSPACE (Sec. 3.4)
Lecture 2-8 PSPACE-complete (Sec.3.5)
Read Me GO is PSPACE-hard

Unit III (Theory of Parallel Computation)
Lecture 3-1 P-size Circuit (Sec. 6.1-2)
Lecture 3-2 NC Class (Sec. 6.5)
* Lecture 3-3 Separating NC Hierachy (Sec. 6.6, 6.4)
Lecture 3-4 P-complete (Sec, 6.7)

Unit IV (Theory of Probablistic Computation)
* Lecture 4-1 Random Algorithm (Sec. 8.1)
* Lecture 4-2 Probabilistic TM (Sec. 8.2-6)
Lecture 4-3 Counting Class #P (Sec. 9.1-2)
Lecture 4-4 #P-complete (Sec. 9.2)
Read Me Influence Spread is #P-hard

Unit V (Theory of Approximate Computation)
Lecture 5-1 Approximations for NP-hard Problems (Sec. 2.5)
Lecture 5-2 APX-complete (Sec. 11.5)
Lecture 5-3 Set Cover (Sec. 11.5)
Lecture 5-4 Indepedent Set (Sec. 11.5)
Final Exam

Homeworks and Examinations

There are 4 homeworks which will be given in Elearning.
There are two exams: Midterm and Final Exam. Schedules will be anounced in Elearning.

Homeworks have totally 40 points, two exams have totally 60 points.
Grades will be assigned according to the total number of received points:
A >= 85 > B >= 70 > C >= 50.