INFORMATION ON CS 7301.002 (Fall'2010)
Linear Programming and Approximation Algorithms
10:00-11:15pm TTh, ECSS 2.305

Office Hours: Tue, 2:15-3:30 pm
in Room ECSS 3-611.

Teaching Assistants: Jiaofei Zhong

Office Hours: ???
Room: ??
email: [email protected]


Ding-Zhu Du, Ker-I Ko and Xiaodong Hu:

Design and Analysis of Approximation Algorithms

Unpublished Lecture Notes (available in email)


Syllabus .

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Greedy (1) Independent System
Chapter 2 Greedy (2) Submodular Potential Function
Chapter 2 Greedy (3) Nonsubmodular Potential Function
Research Seminar

Chapter 3 Restriction (1) Steiner Trees and Spanning Tree
Chapter 3 Restriction (2) k-restricted Steiner Tree
Chapter 3 Restriction (3) Power of MST
Research Seminar

Chapter 4 Partition (1) Shifting
Chapter 4 Partition (2) Multi-level Partition
Chapter 4 Partition (3) Double Partition
Research Seminar

Chapter 5 Guillotine Cut (1) Rectangular Partition
Chapter 5 Guillotine Cut (2) Portals
Chapter 5 Guillotine Cut (3) Quadtree Partition
Research Seminar

Chapter 6 Relaxation (1) Superstring
Chapter 6 Relaxation (2) CDS in Unit Disk Graph
Chapter 6 Relaxation (3) Strongly connected Dominating
Research Seminar

Chapter 7 Linear Programming (1) Simplex Method
Chapter 7 Linear Programming (2) Combinatorial Rounding
Chapter 7 Linear Programming (3) Random Rounding
Research Seminar

Chapter 8 Primal-Dual Method and Local Ratio (1) Primal-Dual Method
Chapter 8 Primal-Dual Method and Local Ratio (2) Local Ratio
Chapter 8 Primal-Dual Method and Local Ratio (3) More examples
Research Seminar

Chapter 9 Semi-definite Programming (1) What is SDP?
Chapter 9 Semi-definite Programming (2) Rounding
Chapter 9 Semi-definite Programming (3) Applications
Research Seminar

Chapter 10 Complexity of Approximation (1) L-reduction
Chapter 10 Complexity of Approximation (2) APX-complete
Chapter 10 Complexity of Approximation (3) Set-Cover and Independent Set
Research Seminar

Homeworks, Examinations and Grade

There is no homework and no exam. After each Chapter,
a research seminar is designed to discusss possible
research project. Students are encourage to bring
their research project to the research seminar. Based
on contributions in the discussion, students will be organized
into groups to write papers. Grade will be given based on
the research performance of each student.