INFORMATION ON CS 7301.001 (Spring'2016)
Algorithm Design in Wireless Sensor Networks
move to 1:00-3:45pm Fri in room SLC 1.204

Office Hours: ??? pm
in Room ECSS ???.

Teaching Assistants: Jing Yuan

Office Hours: ???
Room: ??

Reference Book

Weili Wu, Zhao Zhang, Wonjun Lee, Ding-Zhu Du:
Optimal Sensor Covergae
Unpublished Lecture Notes (available in class)

Ding-Zhu Du, Peng-Jun Wan:
Connected Dominating Sets: Theory and Applications
Springer, 2014


Syllabus .

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Sensor Cover
Chapter 3 Connected Sensor Cover
Chapter 4 Lifetime of Coverage
Chapter 5 Weighted Sensor Cover
Chapter 6 Lifetime of Connected Coverage
Chapter 7 k-Coverage
Chapter 8 Partial Coverage
Chapter 9 Hole
Chapter 10 Barrier Coverage

Homeworks, Examinations and Grade

There is no homework and no exam. But, classroom presence is required.
Students are also required to give presentations on papers
in certain research directions in wireless sensor networks.
For example, we start to discuss sensor coverage problems.

At end of this semester, each student is asked to submit a report.
Please submit your report on April 30, 2016 about your idea or results
on research problems that we discussed in classes.