INFORMATION ON CS 7301.001 (Spring'2019)
Nonlinear Combinatorial Optimization
1:00-3:45pm Fri in room ??

Office Hours: ??? pm
in Room ECSS ???.

Teaching Assistants: ??

Office Hours: ???
Room: ??

Reference Book

Ding-Zhu Du, Panos M. Pardalos, Zhao Zhang:
Nonlinear Combinatorial Optimization
Unpublished Lecture Notes (available in class)


Syllabus .

Unit 1: Introduction
Lecture 1.1 Set Function Optimization
Lecture 1.2 Submodular Minimization

Unit 2: Monotone Submodular Optimization
Lecture 2.1 Influence Max
Lecture 2.2 Submodular Cover Problem
Lecture 2.3 Various Constraints

Unit 3: Nonmonotone Submodular Optimization
Lecture 3.1 Nonmonotone Submodular Max
Lecture 3.2 Nonmonotone Submodular Min

Unit 4: Supermodular Degree
Lecture 4.1 Lovasz Relaxation
Lecture 4.2 Duality
Lecture 4.3 Submodular-Supermodular Procedure
Lecture 4.4 Submodular Max with Submodular Knapsack Contraint
Lecture 4.5 Submodular Min with Submodular Cover Constraint

Unit 5: DS Decomposition
Lecture 4.1 Lovasz Relaxation

Unit 6: DC Function Opt
Lecture 4.1 Lovasz Relaxation

Unit 7: Nonlinear Integer Prog
Lecture 4.1 Lovasz Relaxation

Homeworks, Examinations and Grade

There is no homework and no exam. But, classroom presence is required.
Students are also required to give presentations on papers
in certain research directions in wireless sensor networks.
For example, we start to discuss sensor coverage problems.

At end of this semester, each student is asked to submit a report.
Please submit your report on April 30, 2016 about your idea or results
on research problems that we discussed in classes.