CS 4393 Computer and Network Security

TR 10am-11:15am, ECSS 2.203

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A comprehensive study of security vulnerabilities in computer and networking systems and the basic techniques for developing secure applications and practicing safe computing. Topics including Common attacking techniques such as buffer overflow, Trojan, virus, etc. OS security. Conventional encryption. Hashing functions and data integrity. Public-key encryption. Digital signature. Security standards and applications. Building secure software and systems.

Information security has grown into a rich and diversified area. But I believe that it is very important for students to learn fundamental issues first. It covers all the basic areas of security and will not only focus on a particular domain so students by taking this course will have an invaluable broad knowledge of security. This course involves theories, algorithms and programming of cryptography (encryption/decryption), computer systems security, secure software, and basic network security, etc. After taking this course, students will have the knowledge to study more specialized security issues such as Network Security.

Pre-requisite: Only one: CS4348 OS. I will cover the required networking knowledge in class so you do not need to take computer networks as a pre-requisite. CS4390 has been removed from pre-req. list.



More detailed information can be found in course syllabus.

The final exam will be held at 10am, IN CLASS TIME on May 1, 2012 (Tuesday). YOU MUST NOT MISS IT. I will tell you how to prepare for the exam.

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