Variable Pricing in Oligopoly Markets
Frank Bass, Ernan Haruvy, and Ashutosh Prasad

Altruism, equity, and reciprocity in a gift-exchange experiment: an encompassing approach
Gary Charness and Ernan Haruvy

Social distance and reciprocity: An Internet experiment
Gary Charness, Ernan Haruvy, and Doron Sonsino

A Comparison of Buyer-Determined and Price-Based Multiattribute Mechanisms
Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans, Ernan Haruvy, and Elena Katok

Bargaining under a deadline: evidence from the reverse ultimatum game
Uri Gneezy, Ernan Haruvy, and Alvin E. Roth

The Inefficiency of Splitting the Bill
Uri Gneezy, Ernan Haruvy and Hadas Yafe

The Medium Prizes Paradox: Evidence From a Simulated Casino
Ernan Haruvy, Ido Erev, and Doron Sonsino

Identification and Testing of Modes in Beliefs
Ernan Haruvy

Traders' Expectations in Asset Markets: Experimental Evidence
Ernan Haruvy, Yaron Lahav, and Charles Noussair

The Impact of Prior Decisions on Subsequent Valuations in a Costly Contemplation Model
Elie Ofek, Muhamet Yildiz, and Ernan Haruvy

The Effect of Piracy on the Market Penetration of Subscription Software
Ernan Haruvy, Vijay Mahajan, and Ashutosh Prasad

Modeling and Testing for Heterogeneity in Observed Strategic Behavior
Ernan Haruvy, Dale O. Stahl, and Paul W. Wilson

The Effect of Short Selling on Bubbles and Crashes in Experimental Spot Asset Markets
Ernan Haruvy and Charles N. Noussair

Subgame Perfection in Ultimatum Bargaining Trees
Dale O. Stahl and Ernan Haruvy

Level-n bounded rationality in two-player two-stage games
Dale O. Stahl and Ernan Haruvy

Ernan Haruvy

What does it take to make consumers search?
Ernan Haruvy and Peter T. L. Popkowski Leszczyc

Social distance in a virtual world experiment
Marina Fiedler, Ernan Haruvy, and Sherry Xin Li