Elena Katok

Operations Management Area
The Center and Laboratory for Behavioral Operations and Economics (LBOE), co-Director
Production and Operation Management (POM) Journal, Behavioral Operations Department, Department Editor

The winner of the 2015 Behavioral Operations Management INFORMS Section Best Working Paper Award
Ernan Haruvy, Elena Katok and Valery Pavlov Bargaining Process and Channel Efficiency draft date: January  2016.  

Here are some thoughts we have on the recent problem of lack of replicability in social sciences: The Importance of Replication in Behavioral Operations Management by Gary Bolton and Elena Katok

This is the new Foundations and Trends article Using Laboratory Experiments to Build Better Operations Management Models, and another one, Tutorial on Laboratory Experiments in Operations Management that I've written for the INFORMS TutORial series, Charlotte, 2011.