Computer Programming For GIS


GISC 5317, Spring 2003

Lecture: Monday 4:00-6:45, GR3.206



Dr. Fang Qiu

Phone: 972-883-4134

Email: [email protected]


Office: GR3.203

Office Hours: Monday, 2:00-3:00 pm


Teaching Assistant:

Capton  Siluvairajan, [email protected]

Office Hours: Monday 2:00 4:00 pm; Saturday 1:30 to 4:30 pm




General introduction to programming language, such Visual Basic, with GIS related applications. Topics covered include fundamental data structures and algorithms, user-interface design, component object model, and data base management. Emphasizes rapid GIS application development with hands-on experiences. Students are expected to design and implement a project.


To register for this class, students do not need to have known Visual Basic before, although experience with a programming language will help. However, it is strongly suggested that students know how to use ArcGIS 8.




       Get to Know ArcObjects Programming ArcGIS with VBA, Burke, 2003, ESRI Press. (Required) Labeled as Ch below

       Visual Basic 6 How to Program, Deitel et al., 1999, Prentice Hall (Recommended) Labeled as VB below

       Exploring ArcObjects, Vol. I & II, Zeiler, 2001, ESRI Press (Digital Book)


40% Laboratory Exercises

30% Midterm Project.

30% Final Project (Due Dec. 3)


  1. Introduction to the Course and WebCT (Ch1, VB1)
  2. GIS Programming and Application Customization (Ch1, 2)
  3. Visual Basic and IDE: Dialog Box and Objects (Ch3, 4 VB 2,3)
  4. Branching and Looping (Ch5, 7, VB4, 5)
  5. Procedure, Function and Arrays (Ch6, VB6,7)
  6. Date Types, User Interface and Debugging (Ch 8, VB 8,10,11,12)
  7. Objected Oriented Programming: Classes and COM (Ch 9, 10, VB16,17)
  8. Midterm Project
  9. ArcObjects Model Diagrams (OMD), Maps and Lays (Ch11,14)
  10. Add and Access Feature Classes and Tables (Ch 14)
  11. ArcCatalog, Subsetting and Selection (Ch 16, 17, 18)
  12. Symbology and Layout19 (15, 16)
  13. Command and Editing (Ch 13, 20)
  14. VB COM and Map Control (Notes and Digital Books)
  15. Students prepare class project (4/26)
  16. Student Project Presentation and Due (5/3)


       The slides of the class, labs and related information can be accessed from It is required that you use your Unix account login name and password to enter the WebCT account. I will also give you quizzes, send you email, and post your grades through the WebCT. On how to use WebCT, look at my tutorial at