Clove is a simple ac circuit simulator.  It takes as input a circuit description in the form of a nodelist (*.cir) file, in a format very similar to that used by SPICE.

To run Clove you will need to install the  Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 1.5 or higher.  If you are not interested in developing Java code, select the "JRE" for your computer and operating system.  (The "SDK" is the system development kit, which is what you need if you want to write programs in Java.)  This will install the Java Web Start program, which will launch the Clove code.

To run Clove, click on the link below.  Be aware, however, that Java Web Start will give you a security warning that the code is signed by "William R. Frensley," but that it cannot verify this and it will recommend that you do not run this program.  What this means is that I have not paid a few hundred dollars per year for a verified security certificate.  Note that the code is being served from the University of Texas at Dallas web site, and that I am a Professor at UT-Dallas and make your own judgement about  the safety of this code.

Run Clove

For an example of the use of an S-parameter file, open the following URL in Clove by copying the following text into the "Open URL" dialog box: