Finance Reading Group

Spring 2012

Corporate Finance and Product Markets


Thursdays, 11am

SOM conference room, SOM 3.216



Malcolm Wardlaw

Bernhard Ganglmair



Discussion lead by

Paper discussed


March 1

Malcolm Wardlaw

Zhu (2011)

March 8

Han Xia

Waisman (2009)

March 22

Seong Byun

Baghai (2011)

March 29

Bernhard Ganglmair

Chu (2011)

April 5

Paul Mason

Larkin (2010)

April 12



April 19

Malcolm Kass

Karle, Klein, and Stahl (2011)

April 26

Alex Holcomb

Fresard and Valta (2012)

May 3

Jong-Min Oh

Giroud and Mueller (2011)

May 10

Chongyang Chen

Bellon (2011)

May 17

Robert Kieschnick

Chhaochharia et al. (2012)




Reading List (pdf)


Baghai, Ramin (December 2011): Equity Ownership and Product Prices

Bellon, Carlos (November 2011): Industrial Competition as a Limit to Banking Market Power (Download)

Chhaochharia, Vidhi, Yaniv Grinstein, Gustavo Grullon, and Roni Michaely (March 2012): Product Market Competition and Internal Governance: Evidence from the Sarbanes Oxley Act

Chu, Yongqiang (March 2011): Switching Costs, Cost of Debt, and Product Market Competition

Dellas, Harris and Ana Fernandas (November 2009): Finance and Competition

Fresard, Laurent and Philip Valta (February 2012): Competitive Pressure and Corporate Policies

Fresard, Laurent (2010): Financial Strength and Product Market Behavior: The Real Effects of Corporate Cash Holdings, Journal of Finance, 65, 3, 1097-1122.

Giroud, Xavier and Holger Mueller (2011): Corporate Governance, Product Market Competition, and Equity Prices, Journal of Finance, 66, 2, 563-600.

Grullon, Gustavo and Roni Michaely (March 2007): Corporate Payout Policy and Product Market Competition

Hoberg, Gerard, Gordon Phillips, and Nagpurnanand Prabhala (April 2011): Product Dynamics, Characteristics and Dividends

Karle, Heiko, Tobias Klein, and Konrad Stahl (2011): Ownership and Control in a Competitive Industry

Kim, Se-Jik and Hyun Song Shin (March 2007): Industrial Structure and Corporate Finance

Larkin, Yelena (November 2010): Product Demand Characteristics, Brand Perception, and Financial Policy

Rajan, Raghuram (2012): The Corporation in Finance, NBER Working Paper NO. 17760.

Waisman, Maya (2009): Product Market Competition and the Cost of Bank Loans

Zhu, Margaret (March 2011): Corporate Hedging, Financial Distress, and Product Market Competition