CS 7301-002: Recent Advances in Computing

Programming Languages and Software Engineering

Instructor: Dr. Gopal Gupta

This course will examine the role of programming languages in engineering of reliable software. Throughout the course we'll study an advanced concept in programming languages followed by how it has been applied in software engineering research. Essentially we'll see how theoretical concepts in programming languages can be applied in practice to software development.

This cousre is meant for advanced graduate students (read Ph.D.). MS students may be allowed, but only if you talk to me first. Should have an appreciation for formal stuff. Should have taken automata theory (CS 5349) AND one of graduate level Algorithms Analsysis course (CS 6353), Programming Languages course (CS 6371), or Software Engineering course (CS 6354).

There is no textbook, but a collection of tutorial articles will be made available. There will be programming assignments, student presentations, as well as a term paper.

Topics covered include:

Partial Bibliography