Hans-Joachim AdlerAcademic Courses


BA 3351

Introduction to Management Information Systems (3 semester hours)
Introduction to basic management information systems and computer concepts. Emphasis on the various facets of the computer, information processing including computer applications, processing data into information, computer hardware, file organization and databases, communications, and information system development.

BA 4322

Systems Analysis and Design (3 semester hours)
An overview of systems development methodologies. In addition to concepts in systems analysis and design, the students will be exposed to concepts in project management, and information gathering techniques. Projects focusing on the use of CASE tools will also be an integral part of the course.

MIS 6204

Information Technology and MIS Fundamentals (2 semester hours)
Necessary background to understand the role of information technology and Management Information Systems in today's business environment. Topics include: strategic role of information, organization of information, information decision making requirements, telecommunications and networking, managing information resources, distributed processing, and current information systems/technology issues.

MIS 6308

Systems Analysis and Project Management (3 semester hours)
This course will introduce students to various methodologies for systems analysis. A critical component of the course is project management as it relates to systems development. Students will also be introduced to project management software.

MIS 6316

Telecommunications (3 semester hours)
This course covers the fundamentals of telecommunications, including: transmission, switching, throughput and capacity, error rates and checking, and security and policy issues. State of the art technologies and their applications to business are covered in depth.


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June 08, 2004