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"Demo Website - FAQs"

The following FAQ and answers are provided to help you navigate the Demo Website. The Home page contains all sorts of new features. Which need to stay? Which need to be dropped? Give us input. All the other pages remain the same except for menu/navigation changes.


How do I move around this site?
1)To select a particular application tap the desired topic in the new "directory" style menu bar. This will provide a sub menu of pages. When the options menu drops down, tap on the topic of your choice
2) Return to the previous page by tapping above the CCAC logo in the top left corner.

How can I read and navigate on my smartphone's smaller screen!
The Demo site has a smartphone menu system which has all the same links as the full site.
1) Access smartphone menus by tapping on "The University of Texas at the top right corner of any full page.
2) In the phone menu list, selecting a topic takes you to that topics full webpage
3) A small screen may be better if viewed in landscape, i.e. turn it horizontal

If I have questions how do I contact someone?
Move to the footer at the bottom of any full page and click on the name "Sarah Nahhas".

Can I save this webpage link to my phone's screen like a Windows shortcut?
The iPhone allows you to save this site to your home screen. Just tap the "share" icon, at the bottom of the Home screen, and select the "Add to Home Screen." option

This site looks strange on my phone.
Currently, only advanced mobile browsers are supported. These include Mobile Safari (iPhone,iPod), Android, Firefox, and Chrome.

Where can I send comments?
Click here: Contact Us

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