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About Us

CCAC's primary purposes are:

  • To support and sustain the U.S. Army ROTC program goals at UTA.

  • To provide scholarships and financial assistance to ROTC cadets at UTA.

  • To encourage cadets to stay enrolled in Army ROTC and excel in their studies, through mentoring and guidance roles.

  • To foster a sense of belonging and affiliation among current UTA cadets.

  • To promote the bonds of friendship among former cadets.

  • To preserve and publicize the history of the UTA Cadet Corps to serve as a guide for future cadets.



To support and nurture the Army ROTC program at UTA, creating continuity with the past and providing impetus for the future working closely with Military Science staff, the UTA Alumni Association, and the University officials.


To help maintain, and further develop, the Army ROTC program at the University of Texas at Arlington as one of the highest quality - to develop military leaders for the new challenges of the 21st century, with emphasis on leadership, academics, advanced technology, and multiple cross-functional skills.

Who can become a member of CCAC?

You are eligible to become a CCAC member if...

  • You served for two or more semesters in the UTA Cadet Corps, or...

  • You were a member of the cadre or were employed by the military science department at UTA, or...

  • You were a sweetheart or mascot of any element within the UTA ROTC Cadet Corps, or...

  • You were a UTA ROTC Hall of Honor inductee, or...

  • You are the spouse of someone who is eligible to join.


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Contact Information

For information about the CCAC, please contact Sarah Nahhas:

Phone: 817-640-6166

Fax: 817-640-6567

Email: [email protected]

Mail: Sarah Nahhas, 604 Avenue H East, Arlington, TX 76011

For information on the UTA Alumni Association, please click on the link below.
UTA Alumni Association

Or Contact the UTA Alumni Office For Information:

Office phone: 1-800-687-8855

Office email: [email protected]