Computing Scholars must at all times behave in a manner compatible with the high privileges and responsibilities of the Computing Scholars Program.


Computing Scholars must keep the Office of the Director informed of current local address, telephone number(s), and email address(es). They must check their UT Dallas Email daily and respond within one day to messages and requests from the Director's Office.

Events and Travel

Computing Scholars will be expected to attend certain events at the discretion of the Program Director. These events may include monthly dinners or luncheons with faculty, talks and lectures given by Distinguished Speakers at the University of Texas at Dallas or some other location in North Texas. There may also be required participation in conferences and other events within the contiguous 48 States of the USA. The University will provide transportation and pay all pre-approved expenses incurred during any Computing Scholars Program related travel.

All travel must first be approved by the Program Director in response to submittal of a Travel Request Form.

1. All airline tickets must be purchased through the University's Travel Agent.

2. The President of The University must approve all foreign travel and requires six weeks' notice. Therefore all requests must be submitted to The Program Director with at least seven weeks' notice. Late requests will not be submitted to the Office of the President.

Academic Standing

The first responsibility of Computing Scholars is to their academic studies. Computing Scholars must maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 in their major studies and must complete at least 15 hours of study toward their degree each semester. They must be Computer Science Majors.

Probationary Status

Computing Scholars who fail to maintain the above requirements for Academic Standing may be given Probationary Status. A Computing Scholar with Probationary Status may be required to take a reduced course load and must earn a GPA of at least 3.75 in their major courses during each probationary semester until that GPA rises to 3.5 or above.

Computing Scholars are also Academic Excellence Scholars. Those with Probationary Status in the Computing Honors Program may be required to attend the AES Student Success Program or other programs deemed suitable by the Director.

Dismissal from the Computing Scholars Program

A Computing Scholar whose GPA falls below 3.0 or who fails to meet the continuing requirements of Probationary Status may lose the status of Computing Scholar.

Such students will be eligible to continue in the regular Computer Science Degree Programs.

Course Sequence

Computing Scholars will work closely with the Program Director's office to schedule their courses each semester. They will be required to take a particular sequence of major courses during their first four semesters.

Graduate Level Classes and the Fast Track Program

At the discretion of the Program Director, Computing Scholars may be allowed to take graduate level classes. They may also participate in the Fast Track Program in which graduate level course credit counts toward their undergraduate degrees.