Sept 2014: Graduate students Ms. Bujie Du, Ms. Jessica Jacobe, Mr. Xingya Jiang, Mr. Xuhui Ning, and Mr. Chuanqi Peng joined our group. Welcome!


Aug 2014: Rodrigo Vinluan received the UTD Chemistry Graduate Fellowship. Good job!


July 2014: Rodrigo Vinluan's paper "Glutathione-Coated Luminescent Gold Nanoparticles: A Surface Ligand for Minimizing Serum Protein Adsorption" was accepted by ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. Well done!


June 2014: Mr. Rodrigo Vinluan is the recipient of this year's Eric Moore Chemistry Graduate Student Scholarship. Congratulations!


May 2014: Undergraduate students, Mr. Justin Sullins and Ms. Melissa Gannaway,  joined our group. Welcome!


May 2014: Congratulations to Dr. Mengxiao Yu for her promotion to Research Scientist.



Research Slides Showcase

Representative in vivo NIR fluorescence images of MCF-7 tumor-bearing mice with luminescent gold nanoparticles (Arrow indicates tumor)

Research Discription

(I) Nanochemistry for Luminescent Metal Nanoparticles
(II) New Microscopic Imaging Techniques and Probes for Super-resolution Live Cell Imaging
(III) Renal Clearable Metal Nanoparticles as Multimodality in vivo Imaging Probes
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Position Openings

* Looking for one postdoctoral fellow  [Contact Info]

* Looking for Self-motivated graduate and undergraduate students

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