May 2016: Dr. Rodrigo Vinluan accepted a faculty position at Bard College as a visiting assistant professor. Congrats!


April 2016: Mengxiao Yu, Bujie Du, Xuhui Ning, and Dr. Jie Zheng's work regarding NIR-fluorescence imaging to study early stage kidney disease was highlighted by UT Dallas News titled "Technique May Improve Understanding, Detection of Kidney Disease", as well as ScienceDaily and Phys. org News. Congrats!


April 2016: Mr. Anthony Dao finished 2nd place at the UTD Undergraduate Research Poster competition! Well done!


April 2016: Congratulations to Mr. Xingya Jiang for his first publication as a PhD candidate titled "Surface-Ligand Effect on Radiosensitization of Ultrasmall Luminescent Gold Nanoparticles". Well done!


April 2016: Dr. Jinbin Liu and Dr. Zheng's book chapter titled "Near Infrared-Emitting Gold Nanoparticles for In Vivo Tumor Imaging" was published in the book "Near Infrared Nanomaterials: Preparation, Bioimaging, and Therapy Applications". Congratulations!


Feb 2016: Dr. Mengxiao Yu's work regarding tracking kidney disease using luminescent gold nanoparticles was highlighted and featured in the Chemical and Engineering News! Congrats!



Research Slides Showcase

Representative in vivo NIR fluorescence images of MCF-7 tumor-bearing mice with luminescent gold nanoparticles (Arrow indicates tumor)

Research Discription

(I) Nanochemistry for Luminescent Metal Nanoparticles
(II) New Microscopic Imaging Techniques and Probes for Super-resolution Live Cell Imaging
(III) Renal Clearable Metal Nanoparticles as Multimodality in vivo Imaging Probes
(IV) Renal Clearable Metal Nanoparticles for Kidney Functional Imaging
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* Looking for Self-motivated graduate and undergraduate students    May 2016

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