John P. Feltz

Computer Science, Graduating Fall 2013, UT Dallas
USN 2003-2009

This page functions as an extended Objective Statement for potential employers, saving time for all involved.


Code in the Public Domain

Also, a private portfolio with algorithmic intensive projects and traditional language use (C++/Java etc.) is available upon request.

I'm seeking full-time work beginning in March of 2014, with the following being most desirable:

Legitimate Software Startups (Equity +)

or environments in which equity is oriented toward a new product deliverable

Higher-Order Functional Languages and the Future of Software

I'm interested and proficient in working with languages and design approaches inspired by functional purity, e.g: Haskell, Scala, Functional Python/Java.

Product Ownership and New Product Development

I have experience in New Product Development, Specification, and Strategic, Cost-Saving Design. From drafting Market Requirements, to Product Requirements, to Functional Decomposition*, to the creation of Agile and Scrum iterations. If you would like pro-bono consulting in the area of non-web, non-cloud software in conjunction with software teams, let's talk.

* Functional Decomposition is an emerging design technique that is much different from the notion of mockup procedural function design in imperative languages. In comparison to stateful object decompositon (from OOP), it is less costy, and it further solves design problems in C++, Java, and Python among others. Please contact me for consultation services in this area.

As a time-saver, here is what I can't do because of ethical,  moral, and professional standards:
Contractors for State and Federal Customers I'm choosing to instead work in an environment where product engineering and developer competence is valued. Not everything is about the money.
Non-Startups that abuse the word Startup for the purposes of attracting talent or describing their operations There are many buzzwords that employers use to attract talent, but Startup is possibly the worst. You're not offering equity, stock, or even working in Green Field tech in some cases, so don't use it. This kind of rhetoric doesn't engender trust or interest. It only tells me how little respect you have, on just a human level, for those you hire.
Employers evaluating on marginal cost keywords Those hiring based on keyword matching against tech that can be picked up within a week or less. I'm a CS major and a proven language and tech contortionist. If you're going to make a hiring decision based on the marginal cost of that particular tech ramp up, then I wouldn't want to work for you anyway.
Employers that think this criteria constitutes an "Attitude Problem" That's fine, you've just saved significant time for both of us.