Math 152H/152M, Spring 2005

John Zweck


Course Materials

Schedule and Homework (Updated Daily)

January 31st (Day One Material)

Syllabus (pdf)
Survey (pdf)
Diagnostic Quiz (pdf)

Feb 2nd

Solutions to Diagnostic Quiz (pdf)
Math 151 Theory Review (pdf)

Exam One Information, (Feb 16th)

Exam One will cover Chapter 7.1-7.7.

I recommend the following review problems
All required and recommended homework problems in Chapter 7.
Also Page 504, all Concept Check and True/False problems
Also Pages 505-507: 3,5-13,15,17,19,21,25,31,37,41,45,49,53,59,67,71, 73,75,99,103,112,113

On the exam, 1 or 1.5 questions out of a total of about 5-6 questions will be on the theory we have discussed in class. You should know definitions, statements of theorems and some proofs. I will only ask theory questions from the following list.

Possible Theory Questions for Exam:

(1) Definition of inverse function (page 415)
(2) Theorem 7 page 418
(3) Definition 1 page 451
(4) Statement and Proofs of Log Laws (p452)
(5) Definition of e (p453)
(6) Page 460
(7) Proof of 8 on page 462
(8) Definition 1 page 467 and Defn 5 page 472
(9) Proof of 4 page 468 and 7 page 473
(10) Defs of inverse sin and inverse cosine
(11) Proof of 3 page 479
(12) Proof of Hyperbolic Identities p487

Feb 18th

Quiz One Solutions

Feb 27th

Project One [pdf] Due Friday March 18th at start of class

March 2nd

Exam One Solutions [pdf]

Material for 8.7 (March 3rd)

Comparison of Numerical Methods for Integrals

Matlab code:


Exam Two Information

Exam Two will cover Chapter 8. In addition to being able to calculate integrals using the methods in 8.1-8.5, in 8.7 you should know and understand the formulae for the Midpoint, Trapezoid and Simpson's Rules, as well as knowing and being able to apply the Error Bound for Simpson's Rule (page 561). Finally in 8.8 you should know the boxed definitions on page 567 and page 570 as well as the statement of the comparison theorem (page 572) an how to apply it.

I recommend the following review problems
All required and recommended homework problems in Chapter 8.
Also Page 576, all Concept Check and True/False problems
Also Pages 577-578: 1-15,18,19,21,22,24-35.38,39,41-50,61-63,66,71

Project Two Information

For Project Two you should do one of the Problems Plus problems in Chapter 8 and one of the Problems Plus problems in Chapter 9. Other than that, the instructions are the same as for the previous project.

April 4th

Exam Two Solutions [pdf]

April 4th

Exam Three Solutions [pdf]

Final Exam Information

The final exam will cover Chapter 7, 8.1-8.5,,9.1,9.2,9.5,12.1-12.12

I may also have some easy questions on the material we cover in the final week.... (more info later on that).

Suggested Problems, in addition to those listed above for exams 1,2:

Page 618: 1,2,8,9ab,10
Page 619: 1,4,7,8,19,20,21ab
Page 784: All problems
Page 822 Concepts: 1-12
Page 822 T/F: 1-18,
Page 823: 1-9, 11-28,30-56,60

Potential Theory Questions for Exam

You should know definitions of all concepts discussed in class as well as the statements of all the theorems we discussed, including knowing what the assumptions of the theorems are.

In additions I may ask you to prove some of the theorems and/or derive some of the formulae we covered in class. Proofs and derivations will be drawn from the following list.

Chapter 7: See List for Exam 1 above

Chapter 8:

Derivation of integration by parts from product rule (page 512)
Derivation of Trapezoid Rule (page 555)

Chapter 9:

Derivation of the arc length formula (9.1)
Derivation of formula for mean of a random variable (9.5, page 613-4)

Chapter 12:

Proof of sum of geometric series (12.2)
Proof of Divergence Test (Page 754 Thms 6,7)
Picture proof of Integral test (page 760-1)
Proof of Limit Comparison Theorem
Proof of Ratio Test
Derivation of formula for cofficients in Taylors Series (page 797)

I may add a couple of things to this list from the material we cover in the final week of class.

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