Math 611, Spring 2009

Applied Analysis

John Zweck

Course Materials

Syllabus for Math 611 [pdf]
Syllabus for Applied Analysis Comprehensive Exam [txt]
Link to online text Functional Analysis by Gerald Teschl in the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Vienna.

Homework Sets

Hwk 1, Due Feb 5th [pdf]
Hwk 2, Due Feb 12th [pdf]
Hwk 3, Due Feb 19th [pdf]
Hwk 4, Due Feb 26th [pdf]
Hwk 5, Due Mar 5th [pdf]
Hwk 6, Due Mar 19th [pdf]
Hwk 7, Due April 9th [pdf]
Hwk 8, Due April 16th [pdf]
Hwk 9, Due April 28th [pdf]
Hwk 10, Due May 7th [pdf]
Hwk 11, Due May 12th [pdf]