Math 251H, Fall 2003

John Zweck

Course Materials

Schedule and Homework (Updated Daily)

Revised Exam Schedule

Exam 1: Monday October 6th on Chapters 13,14
Exam 2: Friday October 31st on Chapter 15 and 17.6
Exam 3: Wednesday November 26th on 16.1-16.4, 16.7-16.9,17.1

August 28th

Syllabus (pdf)
Survey (pdf)
Diagnostic Quiz (pdf)

September 1st

Reading Assignments to do before classes on Wed 3rd and Fri 5th Sept.

September 7th

Matlab Introductory Tutorial

September 15th


September 18th


September 29th

There will be a review for Exam 1 on Friday Oct 3rd, 3:30-5pm in MP401. Bring your questions!

Review Questions for Exam 1:

(1) All the required and recommended homework problems from #13,14

(2) #13 Review p866
Concept Check: 5-9,11,13,14 + parametrization of a plane, 16,17,19
True/False: 2,6,7,9,11
Exercises: 1,3,4,6-9,11,14,16,19,21,24,27,31,33,35,39,43,46,48

(3) #14 Review p901
Concept Chek: 2-5, 6a,b, 8a
True/False: 1-7,10
Exercises: 1-3,5,6,8-10,11a,c,12,13,16-19,21,22a

October 2nd


October 4th

Projects Page

The Project is worth 6% of your grade.

Project Proposal due: W 15 Oct
Draft I due: W 5 Nov
Final Version due: W 19 Nov

October 5th

Matlab Assignment for Chapter 14 (pdf)
For this assignment you'll need to first read and run SymDemo.m
This assignment is due Monday October 13th.

October 13th

ParametricSurface.m [NEW VERSION!]

October 24th

Review Questions for Exam 2:
All required and recommended prboblems in 15.1-15.8 and 17.6.
Page 994-997:
Concept Check: 3-5,7-11,13-17,19
True/False: 1,2,4-11
Exercises: 1-10,11-14,16-20,23-27,29,31,33-36,38,41,42-47,49-54,57,58,62
Page 1153-1155:
Concept Check: 11
Exercises: 26(a)

October 25th

This matlab code numerically integrates functions z=f(x,y) over rectangles in the xy-plane

November 9th

Matlab Assignment for Chapter 15 (pdf)



November 21st

Review Questions for Exam 3:
All required and recommended prboblems in 16.1-16.4,16.7-16.9,17.1.
Page 994-997:
Concept Check: 1-3,7,9,10ab
True/False: 1-5
Exercises: 1-34,41,42,47,48,49,50,51

December 2nd

Information about the Final Exam

Monday 15th December, 8-10am, MP 401

The Final will cover the entire course
Sections Covered:
13.1-13.7, 14.1-14.4, 15.1-15.8, 16.1-16.4, 16.7,16.9, 17.1-17.9
I may include some true/false questions similar to those in the review problems.
Chapter 17 will be weighted more heavily than material in Chapters 13-16.
As a rough estimate, out of 100 points:
#13: 10 pts
#14: 10 pts
#15: 25 pts
#16: 25 pts
#17: 30 pts

Review Problems:
All review problems from Exams 1,2,3, All required and recommended homework prblems.
Pages 1153-1155:
Concept Check: 1,2a,3-11,12 abd, 13abc,14-16
True/False: 1-8
Exercises: 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,18,19,,25,27,29,31,35

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