Cadence Tutorial 4-a: Design Verification with Assura DRC

In this tutorial you are going to verify the inverter layout drew in the previous tutorial by Assura Design Rule Checking (DRC)

4-a.1 Verify DRC

First of all, start cadence layout tools using icfb.

Open your inv layout view for editing. Refer to the beginning of Tutorial 3 on how to open an existing cell view for editing.

Now we are going to check if there are any DRC errors in the layout. The layout DRC rules are summarized by the design rules shown above. If you know what could be wrong in the layout, you can try to fix it/them and verify your modified layout by DRC. If not, let's go on to verification.

  1. From Virtuoso menu, select Assura -> run DRC... This brings out a DRC from.
  2. Put your Working Library, cell, and view names as this picture
  3. For your Rules File type:


  1. Click Set Switch and choose GridCheck.
  2. Click "OK" on DRC form.

It takes a while to check all the DRC rules defined in the technology files.

When This window pop up, just wait until it complete.

Click YES to see the result.

Ignore these warnings, just fix all other errors.

After Fixing errors, Close your DRC runs by following this: Assura->Close Run