Kendra M.L. Cooper
The University of Texas at Dallas, U.S.A.
(Adjunct) University of Calgary, Canada

Dr. Cooper is an Associate Professor in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science; she holds an Adjunct faculty position at the University of Calgary in the Department of Computer Science. She received her Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The University of British Columbia and has published extensively in journals, conferences, symposia, and workshops. Dr. Cooper has worked in the early phases of the software development lifecycle in industrial and academic settings. In industry she worked on defining and maintaining the requirements and architecture for a variety of complex, large-scale systems including a project management, air traffic control, and the core network for a wireless GPRS system. Her research interests center on component-based systems and software engineering (requirements, architecture) and engineering education, via serious games.

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What's New?

WICSA 2014 Serving on the WICSA 2014 Doctoral Symposium PC. "WICSA is the premier international conference for software architecture research and practice"

New Game Engineering Course in Spring 2014!
CS 4V95. Game Engineering. Game engineering is emerging as a discipline to help systematically address the numerous creative and technical challenges in developing large scale, complex games+. The discipline integrates expertise from the software engineering and game development communities, considering the unique game concerns, such as the users' game play experience, from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course will use a game project selected by the students to explore game engineering issues.
+Just as one example, the recent release of Grand Theft Auto 5 provides a glimpse of the scope of these games: it has a $135 million dollar development budget.

REFSQ 2014 submission accepted! "Requirements Engineering for Serious Educational Games: Informal, Semi-formal, and Formal Models", co-authored by K. Cooper, E. Nasr, and S. Longstreet has been accepted to Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality 2014 in Essen, Germany (REFSQ 2014). Acceptance rate 25%.

Guest Speaker Invitation The IBM Systems and Software Engineering Symposium, Dr. Cooper is leading a presenting on a Systems of Systems approach to large scale game engineering.

New research collaborations underway! Privilege of working with Ali Babar (The University of Adelaide), Eman Nasr (The American University in Cairo), and Tao Xie (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champain).

Intelligent Semi-automated Game Generation Capstone - joint project course underway. In collaboration with Shaun Longstreet and Dennis Brylow, Marquette University, a team of 5 students is systematically extending the game generation tool with capabiltities to interactively browse a generated game (graphics and audio!).

IEEE CGAMES 2013 submission "Semi-automated Serious Educational Game Generation: A Component-based Game Engineering Approach" has been accepted, co-authors Ric Daconceicao, Carsten Locke, Shaun Longstreet, and Kendra Cooper.

Computer Games and Software Engineering, edited book underway, co-editors Kendra Cooper and Walt Scacchi, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC publishers.

IEEE CGAMES 2013 submission "Experience Report: A Sustainable Serious Educational Game Capstone Project" has been accepted, co-authors Shaun Longstreet and Kendra Cooper.

Collaborative project with Dennis Brylow and Shaun Longstreet at Marquette University on SimSYS, with NSF REU sponsorship. Students and faculty from Marquette and UT-Dallas are collaborating on the research and development of the Intelligent Semi-automated Game Generation Module this summer!!! Dennis Brylow, Associate Professor in the Dept. of Mathematics, Stastistics, and Computer Science at Marquette, is a recipient of the NSF REU Award. Student team members are Kaleb Breault and Christopher Mojica.

Join us!!! ICSE 2013 Workshop Announcement: 3rd International ICSE Workshop on Games and Software Engineering: Engineering Computer Games to Enable Positive, Progressive Change. Co-organizers: Kendra Cooper, Walt Scacchi, and Alf Wang. ICSE GAS 2013

Join us!!! Positive Transitions from the Classroom to the Cubicle: Strategies for Augmenting Professional Development in the Software Engineering Curriculum, tutorial Co-organizers:Shaun Longstreet and Kendra M. L. Cooper. CSEE&T 2013:

SPLASH 2012 Panel: Software Tools Research A Matter of Scale and Scope - or Commoditization? Dr. Steven Fraser, Director of the Cisco Research Center ( is chairing this panel; Dr. Cooper has been invited to serve as a panelist.

IEEE 17th International Conference on Computer Games: AI, Animation, Mobile, Interactive Multimedia, Educational & Serious Games submissions for the SimSYS project have been accepted, co-authored by Kendra Cooper and Shaun Longstreet, 'A Meta-model for Developing Simulation Games in Higher Education and Professional Development Training' and 'Towards Model-driven Game Engineering for Serious Educational Games: Tailored Use Cases for Game Requirements'.

CSEE&T 2013 Program Committee Dr. Cooper has been invited to serve on the Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEE&T) program committee, the "foremost meeting for software engineering educators worldwide", CSEE&T is co-located with ICSE 2013 in San Francisco, CA, USA.

Ms. Bharathi Balasubramaniam successfully defended her thesis "Automated Assessment and Gameplay Adaptation in Serious Educational Games", part of the SimSYS research project. Congratulations Bharathi!!!

Submission to the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2012) Workshop on Game based learning for 21st century transferable skills has been accepted! The paper "Developing a Meta-Model for Serious Games in Higher Education", is part of the SimSYS research project; this work is co-authored with Dr. Shaun Longstreet, Marquette University.

SimSYS project showcased in the Microsoft Research Software Engineering Innovation Foundation (SEIF) December 2011 newsletter. Newsletter is here (.mht file).

MITACS-Accelerate Graduate Research Internship Program Award
"A Canadian Testbed for SmartCities" project, lead by Dr. Yvonne Coady, University of Victoria, Canada, has been awarded a three year grant, funding 5 students. Industry partners on the award are Barrodale Computing Services and Hewlett-Packard Laboratories (Canada). Dr. Cooper is a supervisor (collaborator) on the award.



  • CS 4v95 Game Engineering
  • CS/SE 6352 Advanced Software Architecture and Design
  • CS/SE 6387 Advanced Software Engineering Project
  • CS 6v81 Special Topics in Computer Science: SimSYS - A Serious Game Development Platform

    Member of the IBM Acadmic Initiative Program "Open standards, open source and IBM resources for academia"

    Visual Paradigm provides Univ. of Texas at Dallas with VP-UML, SDE-EC, SDE-NB, SDE-IJ, SDE-VS, BPVA, AG for use in educational purposes, offered by the VP Academic Partner Program.

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