Lab Members

     Nasser Kehtarnavaz (Professor)

     Dr. Joon Oh (postdoc, joined TI Dallas, later LG Electronics, now with Motorola, IL)    

     Namjin Kim (graduated with PhD, joined TI Dallas, now with Qualcomm, CA)

     Satyajit Adhyapak (graduated with MS, joined M/A-Com in Boston, MA)

     Chandan Gope (graduated with PhD, won best dissertation award, joined Intelli-Vision in San Jose, CA)

     Qingzhong (Jerry) Peng (graduated with MS, joined MathWorks in Natick, MA)

     Venkat Peddigari (graduated with PhD, joined TI India, now with Samsung, India)

     Ali Gholipour (graduated with PhD, now assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, MA)

     On Tsang (graduated with MS, joined Raytheon, MA)

     Mark Gamadia (graduated with PhD, joined TI Dallas, now with Apple, CA)

     Jianfeng Ren (graduated with PhD, joined Qualcomm, CA)

     Qolamreza (Ray) Razlighi (graduated with PhD, now assistant professor at Columbia University, NY)

     Mel George (graduated with MS, joined Ericsson, TX)

     Mohammad T. Rahman (graduated with PhD, joined Hunt Oil, Dallas, TX)

     Sidharth Mahotra (graduated with MS, joined Spirent Communications, TX)

     Chandrasekhar Patlolla (graduated with MS, joined Sigma Resources, PA)

     Siamak Yousefi (graduated with PhD, now postdoc at UC-San Diego, CA)

     Vanishree Gopalakrishna (graduated with PhD, joined Apple, now with Microsoft, WA)

     Sang Jae Nam (graduated with MS, pursued PhD in NM)

     Dr. BoRam Kim (visiting scholar, joined Samsung, Korea)

     Taher Mirzahasanloo (graduated with PhD, joined CSR Technology, MI)

     Kui Liu (graduated with PhD, joined Intelligent Fusion Technology, MD)

     Chih-Hsiang Chang (graduated with PhD, joined Apple, CA)

     Chen Chen (graduated with PhD, won best dissertation award, now postdoc at University of Central Florida)

     Reza Pourreza Shahri (graduated with PhD, now with NIH, MD)

     Fatemeh (Kimia) Saki (PhD student)

     Neha Dawar (PhD student)

     Abhishek Sehgal (PhD student)

     Nasim Taghizadeh Alamdari (PhD student)

     Aditya Bhattacharya (MS student)