Cellular Neuroscience Syllabus (HCS -6340)

Instructor: Dr. Michael P. Kilgard
Office: Green 4.504
Office Hours: Mondays 1:00 2:00 p.m.
Office Phone: (972) 883-2339
E-mail Address: [email protected]

Texts: Principles of Neural Science (Kandel, Schwartz & Jessell) [K] - Required
Neuroscience (Purves et al.) [P] - Recommended
Both should be available at Off-Campus Books (Campbell Rd.) & the UTD bookstore.

Course Description

This course will cover the major issues of cellular neuroscience. Recent advances in the understanding of the molecular and cellular events underlying neural signaling, synaptic transmission, neural development, and plasticity will be discussed.


Exams (70%): There will be a midterm exam (30%) and a cumulative final exam (40%). Exams will be multiple choice and short answer. Material for these exams will be taken from readings, class lectures and discussion. The format of the exam questions is designed to be challenging and to encourage integrative thought about the material. Exams will be curved such that the highest score receives 100%.

Presentations and Discussion (30%):  Students will present primary research articles selected from References at the end of each chapter.

Schedule: K=Kandel, P= Purves

Date    Topic                                         Reading

8-23     Introductory lecture                     K2,3
8/30     Cell Biology                                K4 [P1 pages1-5]
9/6       Cell Biology                                K5
9/13     Membrane Potential                    K6,7  [P2]
9/20     Passive Electrical Properties        K8  [P3,4]
9/27     Action Potential                           K9
10/4     Review
10/11   Midterm Exam
10/18   Synaptic Release and Integration K10-12 [P5]
10/25   Neurotransmitters and Modulation
           of Synaptic Transmission            K13-15 [P6]
11/1     Development                             K52-55  [P20, 21]
11/8 - SFN meeting
11/15   Plasticity                                    K56,63 [P22, 23]
11/22 -Thanksgiving
11/29   Review
12/6     Final Exam

Old Final Exam Review