UTD Cortical Plasticity Laboratory

There are many opportunities to get research experience in the Kilgard lab.  Initially, undergraduates work under the supervision of a Ph.D. student or post-doctoral researcher.  As a result, no prior experience is required.  Freshmen and sophomores are especially encouraged to apply as they will have more time to acquire vital skills necessary to contribute to our research.  A minimum commitment of 9 hours per week is required to participate.  Undergraduate researchers are integral to behavioral and neurophysiological data collection.  Undergraduate co-authors have been on 34 presentations at international meetings and 10 published papers since 2001.  Such recognition is highly valued by medical and graduate school admissions committees.  Experience in the lab also leads to more personalized letters of recommendation that contribute to admissions decisions. 

Ph.D. students from the Kilgard lab typically graduate with more than four papers, including two or more first author papers.  The lab has received continuous funding from federal, state, and private sources since 1999.

If you are interested in getting involved with neuroscience research, email Dr. Kilgard at [email protected].  Undergraduates please include your schedule and a brief resume.


Neuroscience Career Options