Support Basic Research to Cure Tinnitus

     Chronic tinnitus is a persistent ringing in the ears that affects 23 million Americans and one third of active duty military veterans.

     Scientists from the Cortical Plasticity Laboratory of the University of Texas at Dallas have recently shown that for many people chronic tinnitus is not in the ears at all, but results from pathological activity in the hearing part of the brain. This is exciting news because the brain is likely to be easier to fix than the ear. We have developed a new approach to cure tinnitus by focusing on rewiring the brain to eliminate the neural activity that causes tinnitus. The new therapy is highly successful in curing rats with tinnitus. The next goal is to optimize the therapy for human use.

     If you are interested in making a financial contribution to accelerate the rate of our research, please follow the link below and select Tinnitus Research as the Designation. 100% of the funds will go to basic research to find a cure for tinnitus. The website is secure and all donations are tax deductable.

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