What am I working on now?

As a teaching professor, I have the luxury of learning what I want to learn without feeling pressure to publish.
I recently became interested in creating a web interface for a new question generation system I've been working on. So I learned Django and created a reading blog that I'm still working on, as well as the web interface to a new QG system I developed that is very much in beta.

PhD Research

My PhD research focused on automatically generating questions from text for educational purposes. Over a span of about 3 years I created four distinct question generator systems, exploring the merits of different approaches. I was fortunate to get my results published in some exciting conferences. Here's a list in chronological order:

  • 2014 ACL Association for Computational Linguistics, Baltimore Maryland.
  • 2014 ITS Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Honolulu Hawaii.
  • 2015 AIED Artificial Intelligence in Education, Madrid Spain.
  • 2016 INLG International Conference on Natural Language Generation, Edinburgh Scotland.
  • 2016 ITS Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Zagreb Croatia.
  • 2017 CICLing International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Budapest Hungary.

As a seasoned researcher at ACL once told me:

Become a computer science researcher and you will travel the world!

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