What am I working on now?

Currently I'm working on a book to use in CS 4375, which I'm teaching this summer. The book will focus on Machine Learning with R. The book and associated code are under contruction.

You can check progress at: my github

Summer 2017

Created a web interface for a new question generation system I've been working on. Also a good opportunity to learn Django. I created a reading blog that I'm still working on, as well as the web interface to a new QG system I developed that is very much in beta.

PhD Research

My PhD research focused on automatically generating questions from text for educational purposes. Over a span of about 3 years I created four distinct question generator systems, exploring the merits of different approaches. I was fortunate to get my results published in some exciting conferences. Here's a list in chronological order:

  • 2014 ACL Association for Computational Linguistics, Baltimore Maryland.
  • 2014 ITS Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Honolulu Hawaii.
  • 2015 AIED Artificial Intelligence in Education, Madrid Spain.
  • 2016 INLG International Conference on Natural Language Generation, Edinburgh Scotland.
  • 2016 ITS Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Zagreb Croatia.
  • 2017 CICLing International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Budapest Hungary.

As a seasoned researcher at ACL once told me:

Become a computer science researcher and you will travel the world!

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