Karen J. Prager, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

Professor of Psychology and  Program Head for Gender Studies

Diplomate in Family Psychology

The University of Texas at Dallas

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Research on Intimacy

Processes in Couple Relationships 

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For Students:



Philosophical and Political Issues Surrounding Gender

Political implications of sameness vs. difference



Political Implications of comparing or not

Historical perspective:  a few highlights from the history of ideas about gender in the West

    Before the West:  females & males in the ancient pantheons

    Greek philosophers

    Christian theologians

    European romantics

    Modern scientists

    The psychology of women

    Gender Studies

Legal rights of women in the West

    Middle Ages

    12th century & the Inquisition

    Witch hunts:  1450-1750

    18th century salons

    mid 19th century abolitionists

    Victorian resistance

    World War II

    Feminism:  the 2nd wave

Contemporary Feminism & Feminist Psychology

    Types of feminisms


    Research on the psychology of women