Karen J. Prager, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

Professor of Psychology and  Program Head for Gender Studies

Diplomate in Family Psychology

The University of Texas at Dallas

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Lecture Outline

Gender Role Stereotypes & the Self

What are gender stereotypes?

    Definition: "a shared set of beliefs about purported qualities of    females and males."

The cascade effect of stereotypes.

Research on Gender Stereotypes and the self

    Masculinity and femininity research:  some history

    Constantinople:  sex-typing and a new standard for studying femininity and masculinity

Dimensions of Stereotypes



The Bem Sex Role Inventory & the Personal Attributes Questionnaire:  sex-typing and self-concept

Psychological androgyny

Bases of Stereotypes

    1. Kernel of truth

    2. Social role theory

Components of masculinity and femininity:  beyond personality

Essentialists and social constructionists

Gender role strain:  contradictions within gender stereotypes & their psychological consequences