The rapid growth of the Internet and its role in every aspects of our daily lives make the cyber space a critical domain to pose security risks to individuals, businesses, corporations, organizations, national critical infrastructures, and governments. Recognizing the need for skilled professionals in the domain of cyber security, the federal government sponsors educational programs to train the next generation of cyber security professionals to maintain U.S. competitiveness in the global cyber security arena and to defend the country's cyber infrastructure against cyber attacks.

Being an NSA/DHS Center for Excellence in Information Assurance Education and Research, UTD participates in this effort to train the next generation of cyber security professionals. Cyber security education programs at UTD include an undergraduate level certification program, a minor in information assurance, a graduate level certification program and graduate level concentration track program in information assurance. More information on this programs can be found under the Education tab on this page.

In addition, UTD participates in federally supported cyber security scholarship programs to train our students in technical cyber security domain to prepare them for jobs in federal government or industry. Scholarships are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels and cover student expenses during the last two years of their education programs. Scholarships pay for full tuition and fees and provide stipend to cover room/board and living expenses during the 9-month academic year. More information on the benefits can be found under the Benefits tab on this page.