CS 7301 – Visual Languages and Visualization   This course is research-oriented, and targets at students who are interested in a research project. The project is typically conducted by small teams, and each team has two students. Topics include visual languages, information visualization, generative art, music visualization, user-interface, and usability study. Assessable projects in the course include program-solving using visual languages, innovative information visualization, state-of-the-art survey of related areas, and technical presentations and discussions. Students need to devote considerable time in research topics relevant to their own research interests as well as the topics above. They are encouraged to collaborate to complement each other in pursuing relevant topics, aiming at producing publishable papers.   Desirable prior knowledge: computer graphics, compiler, human-computer interface, Web, and UML.    To learn what we have done at UTD Visual Computing Lab, please visit http://www.utdallas.edu/~kzhang/publication.html