Just a few from thousands of photos that I have taken during the past few years:

Tully River Rafting (Far Northern Queensland, Australia, June 2009)

Jiuzhai (九寨沟, June 2007)

Southern Sichuan & Jinggang Mtn (蜀南竹海, 井冈山, May-June 2008)

Colorful Grenada (March 2007)

St Kitts (March 2007)

Jamaica (Oct 2005)

Yellowstone (2004)

Peace (Bird's View of Lower Manhattan, New York)

Window of the World, Shenzhen

Harbin Ice Sculpture


Easter Island



Sydney Skyline

The Bund of Shanghai

Sydney Opera House in the Fog, Under Fireworks, During the Day

Wani (宛怡) and Lefan (乐凡)

Class 7712 (成都电讯工程学院7712班毕业照)


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