Note for Prospective Students

Dear student:

If you are a masters student with a BS degree in computer science, and if you have a good motivation for research through an independent study or a MS thesis, you may be interested in one of my projects. Students who love visual arts are particularly welcome.

If you are a PhD student with a masters degree in CS, and if you are interested in information visualization, esp. if you love visual arts, you are most welcome to talk to me.

If you are looking for a networking or telecom project, I suggest you to talk to other faculty members.

Current PhD Students:

  1. Xiaoyu Wang, B.Sc. Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunication

  2. Shu Xu, B.Sc. Nanjing, M.Sc. Nanjing, Ph.D. NCSU

  3. Graduated M.S. and Ph.D. Students Advised:

    1. Su Te Lei, An Integrated Performance Tuning Tool for Parallel Programming, M.Sc.(Hons), 1994.

    2. Eddie Fan, Performance Analyser for Occam Language, M.Comp., 1994.

    3. Nenad Stankovic, Parallel Visual Programming, M.Sc.(Hons), 1997.

    4. Daniel Kei-Chun Li, An Intelligent Performance Advisor for Parallel Programming, Ph.D., 1997.

    5. Zhengbin Yan, Automatic User Interface Generator Based on Design Patterns, M.Sc., 1997.

    6. Da-Qian Zhang, Generation of Visual Languages, Ph.D., 1998.

    7. Nenad Stankovic, An Open Framework for Visual Parallel Programming in Java, Ph.D., 2000 (now Associate Professor, Xijiao Liverpool University, China).

    8. Ke Bing Zhang, Incremental Layout for a Visual Language Generation System, M.Sc.(Hons), 2001.

    9. L. Xu, Consistency Maintenance in Distributed Real-Time Collaborative Editing Systems, Ph.D., 2002 (jointly with Dr. Mehmet Orgun of Macquarie University).

    10. Ganesha Shanmuganathan, Visual Debugging of Parallel Programs, Research M.S., 2004.

    11. Jun Kong, Foundation and Applications of Visual Languages, Ph.D., 2005 (now Associate Professor, North Dakota State University).

    12. Yu Qian, Discovery of Dense Clusters in Noisy Spatial and Biological Data, Ph.D., 2006 (now Assistant Professor, J. Craig Venter Institute).

    13. Guanglei Song, A Graphical Framework for Model Management, Ph.D., 2006 (now Senior Software Developer, Twitter, San Jose, CA).

    14. Reginald Bradshaw II, Human Interaction and Algorithms for Vision Screening Programs, M.S. Thesis, 2008.

    15. Ke Bing Zhang, Visual Cluster Analysis in Data Mining, Ph.D., 2008 (jointly with Dr. Mehmet Orgun of Macquarie University).

    16. Pushpa S. Kumar, Graph Visualization and Applications, Ph.D., 2009 (now Senior Lecturer, University of Texas at Dallas).

    17. Jie Hao, Information Visualization and Case Studies, Ph.D., 2010.

    18. Chunying Zhao, Visual Approaches to Program Comprehension, Ph.D., 2010 (now Assistant Professor, Western Illinois University).

    19. Yanke Hu, Targeted Web Search for Higher Education Information, M.S. Project, 2010.

    20. Janki Chauhan, Analysis and Extension of Tree Visualization, M.S. Thesis, 2010.

    21. Kun Tian, Aspect Weaving Problems and Solutions in Aspect-Oriented Programs, Ph.D., 2011 (jointly with Kendra Cooper, now Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin at Platteville).

    22. Su Te Lei, Visual Exploration of Financial Time Series, Ph.D., 2011 (now CEO of Arkpex Infotech Ltd).

    23. Keven Ates, Ph.D., 2013 (now with US Federal Government).

    24. Cong Chen, Ph.D., 2014 (now with Fujitsu Laboratories of America, CA).

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