Teaching Activities


In Australia (1991-1999):

  • COMP124: Computing and Information Systems
  • COMP125: Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • COMP226: Computer Architecture
  • COMP329: Knowledge-based and Information Systems
  • COMP330: Computer Graphics
  • COMP439/845: Parallel Programming
  • COMP828: Advanced Computer Architecture
  • At the University of Texas at Dallas (2000 - date):

  • CS2315: Computer Science II (C/C++)
  • CS2325: Assembler Course
  • CS3340: Computer Architecture (Syllabus)
  • CS3360: Computer Graphics for Artists and Designers
  • CS4361: Computer Graphics (Syllabus, textbook (publisher's page), textbook (contents and sample exercise demos), A simple IFS - a tree, Download the Algorithm Demonstration software)
  • CS5330: Computer Science II (Graduate)
  • CS6366: Computer Graphics (Graduate)
  • CS6359: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (Graduate)
  • CS6v81-081: Data Mining (Graduate)
  • SE6383 (Spring'10: CS/SE6v81-001): Advanced Software Engineering Project (Graduate) (Syllabus)
  • CS7301: Visual Programming (Graduate Research) (What is it about?)
  • At UT-Dallas, I now use eLearning as my course management tool, and thus no longer maintain any course-related Web pages.

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