This is the MECO 6303 (Managerial Economics) Information Page.

There are various sources of information available here.

Simple information

Main Text: Business Economics Landsburg/Mankiw. UTD Edition..

Class Notes not particularly detailed. Very old. Be careful if you try to use them. Click Here for notes

A.    For reading list Click Here

B.    Click Here for old exam.

C.    PowerPoint files (for up-to-date files go to WebCT). Class: slides..

D.    Sound files are too large to put here. But they are available on WebCT; so are the current PowerPoint slides.

Lecture material on the Web:

The course materials, after your textbook, consist primarily of PowerPoint presentations with accompanying audio. I hope you find this material useful - it was very time consuming to create. I believe that you will find this material to closely mimic what would go on in a classroom, since the slides change (and are animated) in time with the audio. This is similar, therefore, to sitting in a classroom while the professor both talks and draws on the board. If you want to do well in class, you might listen to the audio first.

For those of you who do not have recent (or any) versions of PowerPoint. It is important to realize that the PowerPoint slides are often animated, particularly in the middle modules, and these animated slides will change during the presentation as long as you run the slideshow.

The optimal manner in which to use these materials is to run the PowerPoint slide show with the included audio. This option is only available to Windows users, however. These are 'pack-and-go' PowerPoint files. There is one file for each module (.PPZ) and a small file (pngsetup.exe) that unpacks the PowerPoint file. Run pngsetup.exe and follow the directions. When it is done, you should be able to run the slideshow with animations and audio. Slideshow is an option in the menu system, and the one you should choose. It takes over the entire screen. There is a separate audio file for each slide. You can start and stop at any given slide and pick up back at that slide next time.