In The Media:

Reviews of my books

Re-thinking the Network Economy, in The Economist , YaleGlobal, New Architect Magazine

Winners, Losers, and Microsoft, in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Wired Magazine


Mortgage Meltdown

Article in Economists’ Voice on fact that Subprime mortgages did not go bad first .

Wall Street Journal Op-ed, June 3, 2009 New Evidence on Causes of Mortgage Foreclosures

MSNBC Interview (March 18, 2009) on homeowner bailouts video

Investors Business Daily Op-ed (March 17 2009)  Bailing Taxpayers out of the Homeowner bailout

KERA TV Interview and Discussion (PBS in Dallas; McCuistion, February 2009) 2 full 30 minutes: program1 ; program 2

Cover Story in the Oct 20 issue of the National Review  National Review

KERA radio interview (October 14, 2008; 1 hour) Causes of the Mortgage Meltdown: podcast

Discussion of my work in the Boston Herald Oct 6, 2008

NY Post Op-ed (Sept 24, 2008)  House of Cards


Wall Street Journal Op-ed A Study that Deserves no Credit September 1, 1993


File-sharing or Intellectual Property Issues

Article in July 17, 2008 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education about my file sharing dispute.

Articles in Handelsblatt June 23,2008 (leading German Business Magazine) about my claim that famous file sharing paper was wrong/dishonest   

An Interview with ABC news about the impacts of MP3 downloading and copying on the industry.

A story about me and mp3 downloads in the Dallas Observer.

Article that Larry Lessig wrote about my position on MP3 downloads in the Financial Times and my reply.

An interview on National Public Radio about MP3 downloads on the Todd Mundt show.

Two Interviews with Salon Magazine: First and Second  although see my copyright issues page to understand that I didn’t change my mind as quickly as implied by these interviews.

September 2002 quote in  USA Today about MP3 downloads.



Network Effects and Anti-trust

An Interview  about the Microsoft case on NBC evening news with Tom Browkaw.

Another Interview about the Microsoft case on TechTV.

A lengthy talk about the theory surrounding the Microsoft case before the case got started. At the Cato institute.

Questions about the Microsoft case on Fox’s Cavuto Business Report [Unfortunately my earpiece wasn’t working properly and I couldn’t understand what Neil was saying, leading to some strange behavior.]

Discussion on PBS’s Lehrer News hour about the Microsoft case.

Wall Street Journal  article about my paper “The Fable of the Keys”

Economist Article about Fable of the Keys