Former Doctoral Students:

  1. Dr. Feng Luo,
    Summer 2004
    Dissertation Title : Mining Gene Microarray Expression Profiles
    Employment: Associate Professor,Clemson University (since January 2006)
  2. Dr. Mamoun Awad,
    Fall 2005
    Dissertation Title : Effective Data Mining for Intrusion Detection and WWW Prediction
    Employment: Associate Professor, United Arab Emirates University (since Sept. 2006)
  3. Dr. Lei Wang,
    Fall 2006
    Dissertation Title : Image Annotation and Classification
    Employment: Microsoft at Redmond, Washington, USA
  4. Dr. Mohammad Masud,
    Fall 2009
    Dissertation Title : Adaptive Classification of Scarcely Labeled and Evolving Data Streams
    Employment: Assistant Professor, United Arab Emirates University
  5. Dr. Qing Chen,
    Fall 2010
    Dissertation Title : Data Stream Classifcation Techniques for Multiple Novel Classes and Dynamic Feature Spaces
    Employment: Software Development Director, China National Petroleum Company (CNPC), Richfit IT LLC, Beijing, China.
  6. Dr. Arshad Ul Abedin (co-Advised with Dr. Vincent Ng.),
    Spring 2011
    Dissertation Title : Automatic Cause Identification From Aviation Safety Incident Reports
    Employment: Member of Technical Staff, BloomReach, Inc., Mountain View, California
  7. Dr. Mohmmmad Farhan Husain ,
    (co-advised; PhD. Spring 2011)
    Dissertation Title : Data Intensive Query Processing for Semantic Web Data Using Hadoop and MapReduce
    Employment: Amazon, Seattle, Washington, USA.
  8. Dr. Sunitha Ramanujam,
    (co-advised; PhD. Fall 2011)
    Dissertation Title : Toward An Integrated Semantic Web: Interoperability Between Data Models
  9. Dr. James McGlothlin,
    (PhD. Fall 2011)
    Dissertation Title : Efficient Semantic Web Knowledge Management;
    Employment:Fusion Consulting, Texas, December 2011
  10. Dr. Jeffrey L Partyka,
    (co-advised; PhD. Fall 2011)
    Dissertation Title :Learning-based Geospatial Schema Matching Guided by External Knowledge
    Employment:Raytheon (Research), January 2012
  11. Dr. Tahseen Al-khateeb,
    (PhD. Spring 2012)
    Dissertation Title :An Effective Evolving Data Stream Classification
    Employment:Marketo Inc, San Francisco, California, May 2012
  12. Dr. Neda Alipanah,
    (co-advised; PhD. Spring 2012)
    Dissertation Title :Federated Query Processing Using Ontology Structure and Ranking in a Service Oriented Environment
    Employment: Post-Doctoral Reseacher, Biomedical Informatics, University of California, San Diego, June 2012
  13. Dr. Salim Ahmed,
    (PhD. Summer 2012)
    Jonsson School Distinguished Assistantship Scholar (Intern at Siemens)
    Employment: Member of Technical Staff, BloomReach, Inc., Mountain View, California

Current Doctoral Students Being Advised:

  1. Satyen Abrol
    (Graduting in May 2013-- Vmware, San Hose, CA)
  2. Brandon Parker
    (Part time, Fall 2013)
  3. Justin Sahs
  4. Ahsanul Haque
  5. Khaled Al-Naami
  6. Ahmad M Mustafa
  7. Ridwanur Rahman
  8. Mohammed Iftekhar
  9. M. Solaimani

Former Masters Students (Thesis) Advised:

  1. Korosh Golnabi,
    (" Get-Doc " Student), Summer 2005
    Title of Thesis : Updated Firewall Policy Rules using Association Rule Mining (UFARM)
  2. Ahmed Bashir,
    Spring 2004
    Title of Thesis : A Framework for Image Annotation using the Semantic Web.
  3. Manish Gupta,
    Fall 2002
    Title of Thesis : A Distributed For Handling Location Dependent Continuous Queries in Mobile Environment.
    Employment: Shell, Houston, Tx.
  4. Mohammad Mirza,
    Spring 2002
    Title of Thesis : Data Management in a Disaster Relief Scenario Using Bluetooth.
    Employment: Verizon
  5. Casey Breen,
    Fall 2002
    Employment: Innovative Managed Care Systems, Dallas, TX
  6. Arun Ponnusamy,
    Spring 2003
    Employment: Credit Suisse First Boston.
  7. Yan Rao,
    Spring 2002
    Employment: American Airlines, Dallas, TX.
  8. Greg Hellings,
    Summer 2009
    Employment: Startup at Southlake, TX.
  9. Rajesh Bhairampally,
    Spring 2002
    Employment: PetroTel, Inc., Plano, Texas
  10. Jason Switzer,
    Title of Thesis :Semi-supervised Subjectivity Classification and application to Jargon Heavy Corpora
  11. Nilesh Singhania
  12. Sonia Chib
  13. Anubha Gupta
    Employment:Research in Motion (RIM)
  14. Hannan Abdullah
    Employment:Texas Instruments (TI), Dallas, Texas

Current Masters Students:

  1. David B Sounthiraraj
  2. Sheikh Qumruzzaman
  3. Varun Hariharan
  4. Zoheb Khan

Anson L. Clark Program and PISD/Hi-TECCC Program:

  1. Ryan A Watts,Summer 2007
  2. Shoel Sheikh, Summer 2009
  3. Adam Stutsman, Summer 2010
  4. Zackary Weger, Summer 2011
  5. William Szendrey, Summer 2012
  6. Jeffrey Chang, Summer 2012

Honors Thesis Supervision:

  1. Mohammad Bayan,
    Summer 2003
    Honors thesis satisfies requirements for the highest two levels of University Honors, summa cum laude and magna cum laude.