ESEC/FSE 2015 Online Appendix

This web page contains the replication package for the ESEC/FSE 2015 submission:

Query-based Configuration of Text Retrieval Solutions
for Software Engineering Tasks


Change requests

Zip file containing the change requests used in both studies. Each folder in the zip file corresponds to a different software system and contains 3 files: *_Mapping.txt, *_Corpus.txt, and *_Queries.txt. See the README file included in the zip file for more information.


Stop words

List of stop words used to process the change request. The list includes Java keywords, English common words, and HTML keywords.


Exploratory Study


Spreadsheet containing the TR configurations used in the study, the effectiveness achieved by each TR configuration for each query, and an analysis of the best global and local TR configuration.


QUEST Implementation

Pre-retrieval properties and measures

PDF document describing the pre-retrieval properties and measures implemented by QUEST.


Post-retrieval properties and measures

PDF document describing the post-retrieval properties and measures implemented by QUEST.


QUEST Evaluation Study

QUEST results

Spreadsheet containing the TR configuration recommended by QUEST and compared to eight baselines. The analysis includes but is not limited to effectiveness comparison between QUEST and the baselines; number (and percentage) of queries whose effectiveness was improved, preserved and deteriorated by the recommender; MRR and MAP values; etc.



Department of Computer ScienceThe University of Texas at Dallas

Richardson, TX 75080, USA