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Other Writings of
Mathukumalli Vidyasagar
Fellow of The Royal Society
Cecil & Ida Green Chair in
Systems Biology Science


This page contains some of my "other" writings besides the usual academic papers. Specifically there are semi-popular items like book reviews, letters to the editor of Current Science, the bi-weekly publication of the Indian Academy of Sciences, as well as some purely non-scientific stuff I have written over the years that seems to have become popular, especially with the overseas Indian community.


Tutorial on Randomized Algorithms
Bio-Suite Paper
Book Reviews
Letters to the Editor of Current Science
Non-Technical Articles

Tutorial on randomized algorithms

M. Vidyasagar, "Statistical learning theory and randomized algorithms for control", a tutorial introduction that appeared in IEEE Control Systems Magazine, December 1998. Even though this paper does not qualify as a "journal paper" it has been cited quite a few times for a "magazine" article. PDF

The Bio-Suite Paper

Between 2002 and 2004, a team of roughly 25 scientists and engineers led by Drs. Sharmila Mande and Rajgopal of TCS developed a state of the art software product called Bio-Suite. This work was funded by CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research). A consortium of 18 academic institutions and R&D labs gave their inputs during the development of the product, tested the product, gave pseudo-code, and were in all respects equal partners in the development process. The result is this paper There are more co-authors on this paper than on all of my other papers put together! smile

Book Reviews

  • Review of "Hankel Operators and Their Applications" by Vladimir Peller, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 51(2), 383-385, February 2006. PDF
  • Review of "Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics" by Warren J. Ewans and Gregory R. Grant, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 52(12), 5616-5618, December 2006. PDF

Letters to the Editor of Current Science

  • Promoting science vs promoting scientists, 1999. link
  • The sociology of biology as a profession, 2009. PDF But you must read the follow-up commentary by Prof. Jasper Rine of UC Berkeley, here

Non-Technical Articles