Stat 6337 Advanced Statistical Methods. Part I

MW 700 pm - 815 pm in SLC 2.304

Fall 2012

Instructor: Michael Baron
Office: FO2.602-E
Phone: 972-UTD-6874
Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 4:20 - 5:20 pm
Texts: (1) Applied Linear Statistical Models by Kutner, Nachtseim, Neter, and Li
5-th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2004; ISBN 978-0073108742
Required text. This book will be used for two semesters - STAT 6337 in Fall 2012 and STAT 6338 in Spring 2013
(2) SAS and SPSS Program Solutions for Use with Applied Linear Statistical Models
by Johnson and Replogle (not required)

Syllabus - schedule, grading policy, tips, contacts

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Tables of Normal, t, chi-square, and F distributions

Data sets and codes

  • Pulse data that is used by SAS program If there is any problem connecting with the data set, we can always put small data sets into the code.
  • Presidents data for Homework 3 in text (dat) or Excel format.
  • Peru data and its description used in SAS handouts
  • GPA data for homework 5
  • Restaurant data for Project 2 - ASCII file. Restaurant data for Project 2 - SAS data file
    Reading the sas7bdat file is very simple: DATA restaurants; SET 'C:\your path\rest.sas7bdat';
    To see what's in the file, you can either print it or use PROC CONTENTS DATA=restaurants;
  • Moisture and sweetness data for Homework 6, #4, which is now moved to Homework 7
  • Homes data
  • Commercial properties data for problem 7.7, homework 8.

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    You can fit regression models to the US population and the world population and compute your prediction for years 2015, 2020, 2025.
    For your regression comments: Women may outsprint men by year 2156 - from BBC News

    SAS corner

  • SAS manual
  • Review of SAS literature

    Computers, Unix, connections, NetID

  • New users: Set a NetID and create an account
  • Computer labs
  • Computer support

  • Two ways to connect to Apache from your home computer:
    (1) One text window. Download putty.exe from PuTTY, save it on your home computer, open, and choose SSH and Host Name = Save this choices for future use.
    (2) Multiple windows including graphics. Download Xming, launch it, then use Putty as above. Detailed instructions are here.

  • Detailed instructions on remote connection to Apache.
  • New to Unix? Not a problem. You will find many useful links here
  • The University of Texas distributor of SAS

    Course outline

    1. Basic statistical methods most often used in the analysis of data. Estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing. Understanding and use of P-values.

    2. Linear regression and regression diagnostics. Analysis of variance. Goodness of fit. Analysis of residuals.

    3. Multivariate regression. Model selection techniques. Stepwise regression. Multicollinearity. Variance inflation factors.

    4. Nonlinear models. Logistic regression.

    Throughout the semester, students will practice data analysis and implementation of the introduced methods using Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) and will gain experience of solving practical statistical problems involving realistic data sets.

    Prerequisites: Multivariable Calculus and Mathematical Statistics STAT 5352 or STAT 6331

    Any questions/comments/suggestions? Write to [email protected]