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    1. Predicting Invasive Breast Cancer versus DCIS in Different Age Groups. Ayvaci MUS, Alagoz O, Chhatwal J, del Rio AM, Sickles E, Nassif H, Kerlikowske K, Burnside ES.BMC Cancer, forthcoming.
    2. Cost-Effectiveness of Adjuvant FOLFOX and LV5FU2 Chemotherapy for Patients with Stage II Colon Cancer. Ayvaci MUS, Shi K, Alagoz O, Lubner S. Medical Decision Making. 33 (4), p.521-532, 2013.
    3. A Comprehensive Methodology for Determining the Most Informative Mammographic Features. Wu Y, Alagoz O,  Ayvaci MUS, Munoz del Rio A, Vanness DJ, Woods R, Burnside ES. Journal of Digital Imaging. 26 (5), p. 941-947, 2013.
    4. The Effect of Budgetary Restrictions on Breast Cancer Diagnostic Decisions. Ayvaci MUS, Alagoz O, Burnside ES. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. 2012 - Articles In Advance.
    5. Uniformization in Markov Decision Processes Alagoz O, Ayvaci MUS. Encyclopedia for Operations Research and Management Science edited by James J. Cochran, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2011. (Book chapter).
    6. Computer Aided Diagnostic Models in Breast Cancer Screening. Ayer T, Ayvaci MUS, Liu ZX,Alagoz O, Burnside ES. Imaging in Medicine, 2(3) p. 313-23, 2010.
    7. Uncovering Age-Specific Invasive and DCIS Breast Cancer Rules Using Inductive Logic Programming. Nassif H, Page D, Ayvaci MUS, Shavlik J, and Burnside E S. 1st ACM International Health Informatics Symposium (IHI'10), Arlington, VA, pp. 76-82, 2010.(Refereed conference paper) 
    8. Information Extraction for Clinical Data Mining: A Mammography Case Study Nassif H, Woods R, Burnside E S, Ayvaci MUS, Shavlik J, and Page D. 9th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshop (ICDMW'09), Miami , pp. 37-42, 2009 (Refereed conference paper).
    Papers Under Review/Working Papers:
    1. Optimally Solving Markov Decision Processes with Total Expected Discounted Reward Function:Linear Programming Revisited. Alagoz O, Ayvaci MUS, Linderoth J T.
    2. The Role of Patient Preferences in Optimally Managing Post-Mammography Diagnostic Decisions. Ayvaci MUS, Alagoz O, Burnside E.
    3. The Profiling Conundrum in Biopsy Decisions Based on Mammography: Does Profile Information Benefit or Hurt? Ayvaci MUS, Ahsen ME, Raghunathan S, Gharibi Z. (See news for the publicity of this work)
    4. Comparative Effectiveness Analysis of Induction Therapy in Live Donor Kidney Transplantation. Tanriover B, Ayvaci MUS, Mete M, Sandikci B, Lakhia R, Tsapepas D. 
    5. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Immunosuppression Therapy in Primary Deceased Donor Renal Transplantation. Gharibi Z, Ayvaci MUS, Hahsler M, Tanriover B.

    Work in Progress:

    1. Does Health Information Exchange Move Patients Through Emergency Departments Faster? With Ayer T, Karaca Z, Vlachy J, Wong H.
    2. Rational Use of Clinical Information When Interpreting Medical Tests. With Ahsen M E, Raghunathan S.
    3. Health Information Exchange Adoption in the Face of Payment Reform. With Cavusoglu H, Raghunathan S.