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My areas of research broadly focus on clinical applications of decision theory and economics of information/information sharing. In particular, I study 1) decisions related to cancer diagnosis/treatment and kidney transplantation for micro-level medical decisions and their macro-level impact on health policy, 2) economics of health information exchanges (HIE) in relation to payment systems and their effect on hospital operations. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of my work, I also have publications in clinical and medical-informatics journals on the broader subjects of cost-effectiveness, comparative effectiveness, and analytics in healthcare. Below, I provide a brief list of my most recent work.  Please check my CV for more detail. 

Economics of Information/Sharing in Healthcare

  • Does Health Information Exchange Move the Patient in Emergency Departments Faster? With Ayer T, Karaca Z, Vlachy J (in review)

  • Health Information Exchange Adoption in the Face of Payment Reform. With Cavusoglu H, Raghunathan S. (in review)

  • To Bundle or not To Bundle: Optimal Operations Planning and Cost Accounting for Hospitals
    With Ayer T, Vlachy J. (in progress)

  • The Optimal Use of Health Information under Physician's Defensive Behavior in Health Systems       With Kim Y, Raghunathan S (in Progress)

Clinical Applications of Decision Theory

  • The Role of Patient Preferences in Optimally Managing Post-Mammography Diagnostic Decisions. Ayvaci MUS, Alagoz O, Burnside E. (in review)

  • The Profiling Conundrum in Biopsy Decisions Based on Mammography: Does Profile Information Benefit or Hurt? Ayvaci MUS, Ahsen ME, Raghunathan S, Gharibi Z. (See news for the publicity of this work) (in review)

  • Optimal Use of Multiple Sources of Information Under Anchoring Bias: An Application to Judgments on Breast Imaging. Ahsen E, Raghunathan S, Ayvaci MUS. (in review)

Comparative- and Cost-Effectiveness in Healthcare

  • Comparative Effectiveness Analysis of Induction Therapy in Live Donor Kidney Transplantation. Tanriover B, Zhang S, Gao A, Sandikci B, Ayvaci MUS, Mete M, Tsapepas D, Rajora N, Mohan P, Lakhia R, Lu C, Vazquez M (Accepted to CJASN - Will be Published Alongside an Editorial)

  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Immunosuppression Therapy in Primary Deceased Donor Renal Transplantation. Gharibi Z, Ayvaci MUS, Hahsler M, Tanriover B. (Working Paper)

Analytics in Healthcare