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My areas of research broadly focus on economics of health information/information technology (HIT) and medical applications of decision theory.

As an example to my health information and HIT work, I worked on research problems around i) the design of payment models to incentivize the adoption of technology, ii) the impact of technology adoption on operations and outcomes, and iii) relationship between information sharing, guideline design, and physician behavior.

My work on clinical decision making relates to interactions between medical decisions and health policy. As part of my work in medical decision making, I developed an interest in using analytics and data mining to create predictive algorithms in helping physicians make better decisions. I am a strong believer in data-driven decision making playing a significant role in delivery of health care in the future. Therefore, to me, identifying factors that mediate the conversion from information to knowledge to wisdom is critical.

I enjoy interdisciplinary research and have closely collaborated with researchers from various disciplines including economics, computer science, bioinformatics, medicine. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of my work, besides publishing in management journals, I also publish in clinical and medical-informatics journals on the broader subjects of cost-effectiveness, comparative effectiveness, and analytics in healthcare. 

My research was recognized by various organizations including INFORMS Decision Analysis Society, INFORMS Information Systems Society, and Workshop on Health Information Technology and Economics.

Below, I provide a brief list of my most recent work.  Please check my CV for more detail. 

Economics of Health Information and Technology

  • Does Health Information Exchange Move the Patient in Emergency Departments Faster? With Ayer T, Karaca Z, Vlachy J (working paper)

  • Health Information Exchange Adoption in the Face of Payment Reform. With Cavusoglu H, Raghunathan S, Kim Y. (working paper)

  • IT Can Create Vulnerabilities, Standards Can Mitigate Them: Flexibility in Health Practice Guideline  Design to Reduce Litigation Concerns  With Kim Y, Raghunathan S, Ayer T (working paper)

  •   The Business of Healthcare: Physician Integration in Bundled Payments With Vlachy J, Ayer T, Raghunathan S (working paper)

Healthcare Applications of Decision Theory

  • The Role of Patient Preferences in Optimally Managing Post-Mammography Diagnostic Decisions. Ayvaci MUS, Ahsen ME, Alagoz O, Burnside E. (working paper)

  • Timing the Use of Breast Cancer Risk Information in Biopsy Decision Making. Ayvaci MUS, Ahsen ME, Raghunathan S, Gharibi Z. (See news for the publicity of this work) Production and Operations Management. Forthcoming.

Analytics/Machine Learning in Healthcare

  • Classification Under Anchoring Bias: An Application to Judgments in Breast Imaging. Ahsen ME, Raghunathan S, Ayvaci MUS. (working paper)

Health Economics (Comparative- and Cost-Effectiveness)

  • Comparative Effectiveness Analysis of Induction Therapy in Live Donor Kidney Transplantation. Tanriover B, Zhang S, Gao A, Sandikci B, Ayvaci MUS, Mete M, Tsapepas D, Rajora N, Mohan P, Lakhia R, Lu C, Vazquez M (Accepted to CJASN - Published Alongside an Editorial)

  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Immunosuppression Therapy in Primary Deceased Donor Renal Transplantation. Gharibi Z, Ayvaci MUS, Hahsler M, Tanriover B. (accepted at Transplantation)