Henri Matisse Green Stripe (Madame Matisse)

In his green stripe portrait of his wife, Matisse has used color alone to describe the image.

German artist of the Blue Rider (Der Blaue Reither) commonly known as German Expressionists - early 1900's
The German Expressionists used concepts of enhanced and elevated color to imbue their paints with strong emotional and psychological content.


Self-analysis is always helpful, especially when it can help us understand the relative importance of things.

Select five colors that symbolize aspects of your personality (virtues, vices, or both), for example: optimistic, intellectual, romantic, willful, or independent.
Using a mirror or photograph of yourself, create a self-portrait using the color palette that symbolizes your personality and character.

You have a lot of artist freedom with the image of your self-portrait. You may manipulate it as you see fit - hands on project or computer image.
Submit your color palette of selected five colors with explanation of symbolic meanings including source separate from your self portrait image.

(1) image of self-potrait
(2) color palette with explanation of symbolic meanings including source of color symbolism.