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Lynn A. Melton

Lynn A. Melton, Ph.D.
[email protected]


  • B.S., Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, 1966
  • M.A., Physical Chemistry, Harvard University, 1972
  • Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Harvard University, 1972

Fields of Research Specialization

  • Fluorescent Diagnostics for Combustion and Mixing
  • Development of Analytical Instrumentation
  • Problem Solving Using Analytical Chemistry
  • Engineering Applications (Process and Maintenance) of Analytical Techniques

Fields of Teaching Specialization

  • Physical Chemistry (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Problem Solving
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Process Analytical Chemistry

Research Experience Away from UT-Dallas

1981-82 Faculty Reseercher at United Technologies Research Center, East Hartford, Connecticut, affiliated with Chemical Physics Laser Diagnostics group headed by Alan C. Eckbreth.
1994 Guest Researcher, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD. During two month stay (May-June) carried out research on substitution of alternate compounds for Halons as fire suppressants on aircraft.
1998-99 Special Faculty Development Assignment. Worked at Dow Chemical Company, Freeport, TX, in Engineering Sciences R&D, Fluid Mechanics and Mixing Group, on development of diagnostics for mixing processes.

Resume and Publications

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