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Lee, Seung-Hyun, Mike W. Peng, and Jay B. Barney (2007). Bankruptcy law and entrepreneurship development: A real options perspective. Academy of Management Review, 32 (1): 257-272. Full article in pdf format.

Peng, Mike W. (2007). Celebrating 25 years of Asia Pacific management research. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 24 (4): 385-393. Full article in pdf format.

Ren, Bing, Kevin Au, and Mike W. Peng (2007). Interlocking directorates and firm performance during institutional transitions: An empirical study on China. Nankai Business Review (Nankai Guan Li Ping Lun), 10 (1): 8-15 (in Chinese, a core management journal designated by the Chinese National Science Foundation).

Peng, Mike W. (2007). Globalizing the Asia Pacific Journal of Management. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 24 (1): 1-7. Full article in PDF format.

Peng, Mike W., Shujun Zhang and Xinchun Li (2007) CEO Duality and Firm Performance during China’s Institutional Transitions, Management and Organization Review, 3(2): 205-225. Full article in PDF format.


Peng, Mike W. and Jessie Qi Zhou (2006). Most cited articles and authors in global strategy research. Journal of International Management, 12(4): 490-508. Full article in pdf format.

Peng, Mike W. and Andrew Delios (2006). What determines the scope of the firm over time and around the world? An Asia Pacific perspective. Asia Pacific  Journal of Management, 23 (4): 385-405.  Full article in pdf format.

Peng, Mike W., Yuanyuan Zhou, and Anne York (2006). Behind the make or buy decisions in export strategy: A replication with extension of Trabold. Journal of World Business, 41: 289-300.  Full article in pdf format.

Peng, Mike W. (2006). Making M&A fly in China. Harvard Business Review, 84 (3), March: 26-27.  Full article in pdf format.

Peng, Mike W. (2006).How entrepreneurs create wealth in transition economies, in Haiyang Li (ed.). Growth of New Technology Ventures in China's Emerging Market Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar (in press). More information in pdf format.


Peng, Mike W., and Jessie Qi Zhou (2005). How network strategies and institutional transitions evolve in Asia. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 22 (4): 321-336. [Lead article]  Full article in pdf format.

Meyer, Klaus, and Mike W. Peng (2005). Probing theoretically into Central and Eastern Europe: Transactions, resources, and institutions. Journal of International Business Studies, 36 (6): 600-621. [Lead article]  Full article in pdf format.

Peng, Mike W., Seung-Hyun Lee, and Denis Wang (2005). What determines the scope of the firm over time? A focus on institutional relatedness. Academy of Management Review, 30 (3): 622-633.  Full article in pdf format.

Peng, Mike W. (2005). Perspective - From China strategy to global strategy. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 22 (2): 123-141. Full article in pdf format.

Wright, Mike, Igor Filatotchev, Robert Hoskisson, and Mike W. Peng (2005). Strategy research in emerging economies: Challenging the conventional wisdom. Journal of Management Studies special issue on "Strategy Research in Emerging Economies," 42 (1): 1-33. Full article in pdf format.


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