Recent past

Paleolimnology of Uppermost Cretaceous Lacustrine Deposits in Western Texas. Palaios, 2012.

Measured section in the Javelina Formation near Study Butte, Texas.


  1. Using problem-based learning to deliver a more authentic experience in paleontology. Journal of Geoscience Education (Paper published, 2014).
  2. Evaluation of a problem-based learning course (Basis of Evolution) for honors undergraduates.
  3. Paleoecology of the Gaddis site in the Aguja Formation. Below is a coprolite, one of 24 discovered at this site along with dinosaurs, microvertebrates (from mammals to snakes), turtles, pterosaurs, leaves, vines, and other interesting items (manuscript in review).

Near Future

  1. Paleoecology paper about the Boquillas sea floor in the Big Bend of Texas that should be complete by late 2015. This is my last research project in the Big Bend.

Long Term

  1. Paleotempestology of the Gulf of Mexico margin. It should be possible to trace major storms back in time for a few thousand years based on sedimentology, paleontology, and radiometric dating results. My research is definitely heading off into coastal geology.