HIST 3398 – Colonial Latin America

Fall 2008

Take-home final exam

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Define the following Identification Terms by providing one paragraph describing Who, What, When, Where, and historical significance.  Then, in a second paragraph, provide a specific example from the ASSIGNED readings to illustrate the definition and its historical importance.  It is not necessary to cite the reading or to include a bibliography, but it should be clear from your description which reading you are using for each answer.


Note: You may not use outside sources from any books and/or websites not assigned for class to complete this exam.  Using outside sources will be considered plagiarism.  No direct quotes from any sources are allowed.  Please frame each answer IN YOUR OWN WORDS.  You may use any part of your weekly reading responses that are written in your own words.


Please limit your answer to one typed page (double spaced) per ID.  (10 points each)



Cedulas de gracias al sacar                Audiencia

Patriarchy                                            Honor

Mita                                                     Guaman Poma

Manumission                                       Palmares

Bourbon Reforms                               Tupac Amaru Revolt





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