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Websites with Primary Sources

For Cuba and Latin America




McDermott Library at UT-Dallas

The campus library subscribes to several databases that can provide good access to primary sources. For example:

†††††† Latin American Newsstand

††††††††† Newspaper Databases/Index

††††††††† Provides access to back issues of the New York Times, the Dallas Morning News, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, among others



National Security Archive - George Washington University

Online archive of declassified U.S. documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.  Most issues are from the late 20th century.

National Security Archive Cuba Page

Declassified U.S. government documents dealing with Cuba



Cuban Newspapers and Cuban News

Links to English-language news sources devoted to Cuban news (some published in Cuba)



Radio Habana Cuba

An archive of radio transcripts from Radio Habana Cuba broadcasts (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese)



Georgetown University Republic of Cuba Constitution

From the Political Database of the Americas



Internet Modern History Sourcebook

A variety of sources in the study of modern history.  Go to the Modern Latin America section.



Latin America Network Information Center - LANIC

University of Texas site with links to a variety of sites dealing with issues in Latin American studies.

LANIC Cuba page

LANIC page devoted to Cuba-related resources



Sources and General Resources on Latin America

Site maintained by Professor Steven Volk of Oberlin College.  It includes links to libraries and archives, as well as scholarly journals and primary sources.




Online Primary Sources Page

Site maintained by Professor Richard Slatta of North Carolina State University.  It includes a number of links to primary sources organized by topic.



Internet Resources on Latin America - Tulane University

List of useful links to internet sites dealing with Latin America.




Internet Resources for Latin America - La Guia

Latin America internet sources compiled by New Mexico State University.




Political Database of the Americas - Georgetown University/Organization of American States

Online collection of information on political institutions of Latin American countries.




Latin American Databank - The Roper Center

Online archive of public opinion surveys from various Latin American countries.




Handbook of Latin American Studies - Library of Congress

A bibliography on Latin America consisting of works selected and annotated by scholars.




U.S. State Department - Country Background Notes Archive

Online archive of State Department Country Background Notes.