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Director of Center for Internal Auditing
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Mark Salamasick | Portfolio

Mark Salamasick, CIA, CISA, CMRA, CSP, is the Director of the Center for Internal Auditing Excellence at the University of Texas at Dallas. Mark leads one of the largest graduate internal audit program worldwide. The program has been in place since 2003 and has an emphasis on internal auditing, technology and information security, and forensic accounting. He is an independent auditor and risk management consultant and also works with universities in establishing and enhancing internal audit programs. Mark enjoys running and participating in marathons and other races. He also loves to travel with his wife and son.

Awards & Recognitions:

  • IIA International Leon Radde Educator of the Year award, 2005
  • Dallas IIA Chapter, Vic DeMarco Award, 2003-2004
  • IIA International Auditing and Technology award, IIA, 1994

Center for Internal Auditing Excellence UT Dallas IIA, ISACA, ACFE Student Chapter IIA International


ACCT 6380

Internal Audit

The course covers internal audit from a broad perspective that includes information technology, business processes, and accounting systems. Topics include internal auditing standards, risk assessment, governance, ethics, audit techniques, and emerging issues. This is the first course leading to Endorsed Internal Audit Certificate and will prepare students to sit for the Certified Internal Auditor Exam.

ACCT 6336

Information Technology Audit and Risk Management

Management's role in designing and controlling information technology used to process accounting data is studied. Topics include the role of internal and external auditors in systems development, information security, business continuity, information technology, operations, and the assurance of information related to on-line systems, web-based, internet, and other advanced computer systems.

ACCT 6382

Advanced Auditing

This course examines how the role of internal and external audit can best be coordinated. Numerous case studies of audit integrated activities will be covered. Current topics and issues related to audit will be discussed as part of the class. Prerequisites: ACCT 6334 or ACCT 6380.


Auditing Outsourced Functions

Risk Management in an Outsourced World

  • Author: Mark Salamasick
  • Publisher: IIA Research Foundation
  • Year: 2012


Many times outsourcing partnerships are a great success, effectively reducing costs for an organization. However, outsourcing can also have unintended, unforeseen, or even disastrous results. This guide will give you tools and techniques you can use to: fulfill you due diligence before the organization enters an outsourcing agreement, identify risks with outsourcing, benefit from other assurance providers for control assessment, and establish a control structure that ensures outsourced functions are effective and efficient.

Internal Auditing

Assurance and Consulting Services, 2nd Edition

  • Authors:Kurt Reding, Paul Sobel, Urton Anderson, Michael Head, Sridhar Ramamoorti, Mark Salamasick, Cris Riddle
  • Publisher: IIA Research Foundation
  • Year: 2009


Internal Auditing: Assurance & Consulting Services, 2nd Edition, is the premier international textbook designed to support the fast-growing global profession of internal auditing. Sponsored by The IIA Research Foundation, it covers the key fundamentals of internal auditing that can be applied in an ever-changing business world. It was written through the collaboration of three educators and four practitioners, which makes it the cornerstone of internal audit education as well as an important reference and training tool for internal audit practitioners.

PC Management Best Practices

A Study of the Total Cost of Ownership Risk Security and Audit

  • Authors:Mark Salamasick and Charles Le Grand
  • Publisher: IIA Research Foundation
  • Year: 2003


This report provides hands-on guidance for auditors addressing security, effectiveness, and efficiency in managing a large PC fleet. It examines the total cost of ownership associated with a PC environment and best practices for financial and technology managers engaged in managing a PC fleet.


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