Secure Cloud Computing (CS 6301.009) 
Time and Location     : Tue/Thr 4:00pm-5:15pm @ ECSS 2.305

Murat Kantarcioglu
Office Hours & Location:
Tuesday 3pm-4pm, 5:30-6:30pm @ ECSS 3.225

Teaching Assistant:  
Husheng Zhou (   
Sandeep Shenoy ( (Project related questions only)
Office Hours & Location:  
Husheng (M/W: 10am-12pm, T/Th/Fri: 10am-12pm, 2-4pm)
Sandeep (M-Fr: 11am-1pm, 2pm-3pm) @ ECSS 3.209


  • CS 5333, CS 5343, CS 6360, Basic cryptographic knowledge
  • Please take this course only if you have enough background to understand the following
        papers related to cryptography (pdf)  , operating systems (pdf) and security (pdf)



  • Project 
%25  (Group project (up to 3 people) that requires programming)
  • Quizzes
%20  (Four-five quizzes done randomly on any given day.)
  • Midterm
%25  (In class)
  • Final
%30  (In class)
  • Class Part
%5    (Bonus for Class Participation)

Course Topics: (tentative)
  • Cloud computing overview including Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, Openstack etc.
  • Large data management in the cloud
  • Cloud data security overview
  • Cryptographic tools for cloud security
  • Hyper-visor security
  • Security issues in cloud infrastructure
  • Access Control Issues

                    There will be no text books. The course will be based on published articles and online tutorials.


Course Outline (Tentative):

Week 1
  • Topics to be discussed:
    • Overview of cloud data management
    • Recent trends
    • Introduction to Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC3 framework
  • Slides (pdf)

  • Suggested Reading:
    • Economic and Business case for cloud computing (pdf)
    • Economics of big data (pdf)
      • Executive summary section  only.
    • Overview of Microsoft Azure Framework (pdf)
    • Berkley View of Cloud computing (pdf)
    • Amazon Web Services Overview

Week 2
  • Large Scale Data Management Using Cloud
  • Slides (pdf)
  • Map-reduce examples (pdf)
Week 3
  • Large Scale Data Management Using Cloud cont.
Week 4
  • Overview of Data Security Issues in the Cloud
  •  Slides (pdf)
  • Suggested Reading:
    • Microsoft Azure Security Architecture  (pdf)
    • Amazon EC2 Security Architecture (pdf)
    • Open Issues
      • "What is new in cloud security?" (pdf)
      • Cloud security trends (pdf)
Week 5
  • Cryptographic tools for secure cloud data management
  • Suggested Reading:
    • Basic cryptography refresher (pdf)
    • Number theory refresher for cryptography (pdf)
Week 6
  • Cryptographic tools cont.
  • Cryptography notes from last year's class (pdf)
  • Crypto. notes from this year. Please note some parts are missing (pdf)
  • Project idea suggestion is available on elearning now !!!
  • Suggested Reading:
    1. Searchable Symmetric Key Encryption (pdf)
      1. Fragments of the notes from this year
    2. Secure Similarity Search over Encrypted Data (pdf)
      1. Slides for this paper (pdf)
    3. Identity based Encryption (pdf)
    4. Searchable Public Key Encryption (pdf)
    5. Attribute-based Encryption (pdf)
    6. Predicate Encryption  (pdf)
    7. Homomorphic Encryption
      1. Pallier Encryption
        • Handouts will be given in class related to this topic.
      2. Fully Homomorphic Encryption (pdf)
    8. Functional Public Key Encryption (pdf)
Week 7
  • Cryptographic tools cont.
Week 8
  • Cryptographic tools cont.
Week 9
  • MIDTERM-- MARCH, 19th, 2013 in class.
Week 10
  • Cryptographic tools cont.
Week 11
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Design Overview slides (pdf)
  • Virtual Machine based IDS slides (pdf)
  • Attacks on VMMs in the cloud slides (pdf)
Week 12
  • VMM discussion cont.
Week 13
  • VMM discussion cont.
Week 14
  • Hybrid Clouds
  • Suggested Reading:
    • Introduction to Hybrid Clouds (pdf)
    • Map-reduce based security for hybrid clouds (pdf)
    • Relational cloud (pdf)
    • Risk-based data partitioning in hybrid clouds  (pdf)
    • Risk-based key-value storage in hybrid clouds (pdf) 
Week 15
  • Hybrid Clouds cont.
  • Access control techniques for Hadoop (pdf)
  • FINAL EXAM: 2pm-4:30pm in class !!!.