Neighborhood Change Research Initiatives

The Neighborhood Change Research Initiatives involve several projects that utilize North Texas urban areas in research. We seek to understand how neighborhoods change and the consequences of that change on human welfare. The research informs scientists and policymakers about the most important drivers of neighborhood change.

The Fair Park Neighborhood Study

  • Phase I Data: Tabulations for all variables (very large file)
  • Read me for the maps
  • Map 1
  • Map 2
  • Map 3
  • Phase II Data: Demographics Variables
  • Phase II Data: Health Variables
  • Phase II Data: Neighborhood Variables
  • Phase II Data: Budget Variables
  • Phase II Data: Finance Variables
  • Phase II Data: Point-of-view Variables
  • Phase II Data: Children-child rearing Variables
  • Phase II Data: Housing Variables
  • Phase II Data: Trust and Transportation Variables

    Foreclosures and the Provision of Neighborhood Quality

  • Leanard and Murdoch paper published in Journal of Geographical Systems
  • Home Appreciation, Default Risk and Neighborhood Upkeep

  • Public Good Provision in Residential Neighborhoods: The Relationship Between Neighborhood Quality and Individual Property Upkeep Behavior
  • Home Equity, Default Risk and Neighborhood Upkeep

    Measures of Social Preferences

  • de Oliveira, Croson and Eckel paper (under review)
  • Access to Groceries

  • Berg and Murdoch paper published in International Journal of Behavioural and Healthcare Research
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Overlay Zones

    The City of Dallas Mortgage Assistance Program

  • Di, Ma and Murdoch paper (under review).
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits

  • Di and Murdoch paper.
  • Brownfields

  • Scott and Mays paper on the Texas VCP Program (presented at 2009 AREUEA meetings).
  • Neighborhood Effects on Educational Outcomes

  • Jha and Murdoch paper (presented at 2009 NARS).
  • Social Capital and Public Goods

  • Leonard, Croson and de Oliveira paper (forthcoming in Journal of Socio-Economics).
  • Related projects